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Meet our battery subscription!

We deliver a worry-free performance with our new battery subscription program, which comes with many advantages! The entry price for an unu scooter in combination with our new subscription programme is only €2,399. Benefits? With the battery subscription we guarantee that your battery performs well and we will replace batteries free of charge when they are defective or in case their performance falls below 75% battery capacity, giving you peace of mind. Take a look at our subscription options and decide for a new unu scooter today.
Prices start from €25 per month for the 36-month subscription. For full flexibility (including a 1-month cancellation period) you can subscribe to our flexible subscription for just €60 per month.
Battery Subscription - trunk
You now have the option to buy your unu scooter at a lower price and rent your battery rather than buying it!
By taking out a subscription, you can order the unu Scooter 3 kW online starting from €2,399. We offer different subscription options so that each of our customers can choose the one that suits them best.
Battery Subscription - trunk

Why are we now offering a battery subscription?

We believe that more and more people should switch to e-mobility. That is why we are lowering the price and thus the barrier to entry for anyone interested in electromobility. With the subscription, we also guarantee that your battery always has at least 75% capacity. There are many benefits to a battery subscription: an improved quality guarantee, less depreciation when reselling your scooter, and more flexibility. Here are all the benefits at a glance:

Low entry price

Little known fact, batteries are the most expensive parts of the scooter. With the new subscription option, you do not have to buy batteries anymore and that makes the entry price attractive. You can get a scooter with 3 kW for as little as €2,399 and the scooter with 4 kW for €2,999 (Introduction price).

Guaranteed performance for your battery

Batteries lose a small amount of charging capacity after a certain time. If you decide to subscribe, you no longer have to worry about the performance capacity of your unu battery. If the battery drops below 75% capacity, we will replace it free of charge and without hassle.

Defective battery? No problem!

If your battery is defective or no longer functional, we will exchange it for a new one free of charge. 

Plannable cost calculation

The costs of using a vehicle with an internal combustion engine are difficult to predict due to fluctuating fuel prices. With an unu scooter, you pay less than €1 per 100 km per battery charge (average German electricity tariff). The monthly fee for the unu battery subscription starts at €25. Based on the routes you use the scooter for, you can very well plan what costs you will incur per month for your unu scooter.  

Flexibility of the subscription

You can choose the subscription plan that suits you best. If you select our flexible subscription starting at €60 per month, you can cancel your subscription at any time by giving 1 months’ notice.  We offer a 36-month subscription for all those already looking forward to the next years with their unu scooter. You can get this subscription for as little as €25 per month for one battery. After 36 months, your 36-month subscription changes to a flexible subscription at the same price and can be canceled monthly. 

The benefits of your battery subscription

Sustainable mobility through EScooters

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Your battery gets a second life from us as soon as it falls below a performance limit of 75%. The battery cells are reused and installed in solar systems, for example (we are currently partnering with GRS Service GmbH).
Advantages of the Flex subscription

Advantages of the Flex subscription

Our Flex subscription costs €60 for one battery or €105 for two batteries per month. So if you choose to park your unu for the winter, or if you're out of town for a longer period, there are no fixed costs involved.
Advantages of the fixed monthly subscription

Advantages of the fixed monthly subscription

Commitment pays off. The 36-month subscription gives you the lowest monthly price and guarantees you a worry free driving experience over the course of 3 years.
Clear monthly costs

Clear monthly costs

You pay a fixed subscription amount per month and will never again be surprised by high fuel prices. A full battery charge costs you no more than €1.
High flexibility for Battery subscription

High flexibility

Thanks to the 1-month cancellation period in the flex subscription you remain fully flexible and can cancel your battery subscription at any time.
Battery quality guarantee

Battery quality guarantee

If the battery capacity is less than 75%, we will replace your battery free of charge.

Tariff overview


1 battery 2 batteries

36-Month Subscription

€25 €50

Flexible Monthly Subscription

€60 €105


3kW (Comfort) Scooter 4kW (Plus) Scooter

Regular Prices

€2,399 €2,999 Introduction price


€149 for all models

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