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It is obvious why electric scooters have become an increasingly popular means of transport for individuals: finding a parking space quickly, low maintenance costs, and maximum freedom while driving through the city.
In addition, an unu scooter can be an attractive incentive for obtaining new talent. It is precisely these advantages that more and more companies could take advantage of!

unu e-scooter for your business

You decide how your business sources the unu Scooter. The options for your business are either to
  • directly purchase scooters,
  • source them via company-leasing,
  • or offer our scooters to your team via employee leasing.

E-Scooter direct purchase

E-Scooter company leasing

E-Scooter employee leasing

Why unu?

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Personal and individual consulting

Our sales team will inform you of all state environmental incentives and help you gain an overview on which subsidies apply for you.

Flexible and scalable

To remain flexible and future-proof, the unu Scooter has built-in connectivity that allows more features to be added over time.

Fast and simple

Acceleration, agility and easy parking everywhere. Maneuver around town and back faster than any public transportation, car or bicycle could dream of.

Company vehicles

You want your unu scooters as "company vehicles" for your employees, as delivery vehicles or just for you to get from A to B? We will be happy to contact you!

“The outcome of offering the unu to the employee is actually priceless - it increases the motivation of the employee to be working for Personio but also how the company is recognized from the outside.”

“This scooter is a life changer. I literally cannot picture myself ever buying a scooter (or car) running on fossil fuels.”

“Time is of essence, especially when it comes to delivering lunches. So during the first wave of corona, our cooperation with unu came at a perfect time. We were really happy to be able to transport our food quickly, while still remaining sustainable.”

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No matter the size of your business, we’re always here to answer any questions you might have about anything unu related. Do you want to find out more about the possibilities of state subsidies for electric scooters for your company? We have compiled all the information for you here.

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