Published at 4/27/2022

Affordable leap into the scooter season: how to successfully make the switch to e-mobility

With this new approach, unu aims to pave the way for lower entry-level prices and a consequently greater spread of electromobility across all income levels.

Battery costs as blocker: new battery subscription model makes switching to electromobility affordable

Record fuel prices in March and supply chain problems drive demand for affordable and quickly available e-vehicles like the unu e-scooter.
Berlin, April 28, 2022: March was the most expensive month ever for gasoline in Germany—according to the ADAC, a liter of Super E10 cost an average of €2.07 and a liter of diesel cost €2.14. Reason enough to switch to electric alternatives in order to protect not only the environment but the wallet as well. Yet, high-quality electromobility should also be affordable for everyone. That's why Berlin-based e-scooter manufacturer unu ( announced its new battery subscription pricing model back in March, which is now available throughout Germany this week. 
With this new approach, unu aims to pave the way for lower entry-level prices and a consequently greater spread of electromobility across all income levels. The unu e-scooters (without battery) are now starting at €2.399 instead of previously €3.299. It’s an investment in the future that is now paying off faster than ever, in the face of rising fuel prices.

Customer satisfaction and sustainability are key to greater e-mobility acceptance

To enjoy the coming summer days, the latest unu models are available in the trendy colors Glossy Blue, Glossy Red, Matte Black, Matte Pine and Matte Stone. For those who want to buy the e-scooter directly, the concept remains the same: depending on the color, the Comfort model with 3kW is available from €2,399, and the unu Scooter Plus with 4kW from €2,999 (entry price). For the new unu battery, which is produced in partnership with LG, especially for unu e-scooters, and meets the highest performance requirements, there is an additional charge of €1,299. Those who want to keep the purchase costs as low as possible and rent one or two batteries instead can opt for the monthly subscription model. Adding government support with various e-mobility subsidy programs, one can lower the price of an unu e-scooter and make it more accessible even for thinner wallets. Depending on the region, buyers receive between €100 and €500 for the purchase of an e-scooter.
With the new battery subscription, unu offers an efficient, customer-focused and environmentally friendly service. For an affordable subscription fee of €35 per month—for a 36-month subscription or €60 per month—for the monthly cancelable Flex subscription, new unu owners benefit from peace of mind when it comes to the battery. With the new subscription model, unu guarantees its customers 75% battery capacity at all times. This approach is particularly interesting for drivers who fear a loss of battery quality. 
In addition, the subscription includes a program for a sustainable circular economy, well ahead of the new targets discussed by the EU Commission to have 70% of lithium batteries recycled to reuse their ingredients by 2030. The old unu batteries are not simply disposed of, but find a second life in new fields of application. In the future, for example, used unu batteries can be completely renewed again by exchanging cells, and the discarded battery cells can be reused in the form of energy storage units for solar systems. This program comes along with unu’s own actions to reduce their environmental footprint. Therefore, the production and lifecycle emissions of each scooter are fully compensated via ClimatePartner in order to make every scooter C02 neutral.
Interested parties can find a detailed price list and extensive FAQs about the new battery subscription here
"We have learned that battery reliability is key to a long and happy e-scooter riding experience. By decoupling the purchase of the e-scooter from the batteries, we enable an easier entry into e-mobility and can act more responsibly and sustainably with these subscription model batteries, in terms of a circular economy," explains Pascal Blum, co-founder and CEO of unu. 

unu addresses conscious living for all people

A recent study by the International Energy Agency (IEA) states that SUVs were the second-largest contributor to the increase in global CO2 emissions since 2010 after the power sector. Contrary to this development, an increasing number of people opt for more sustainable means of transportation. Hence, more livable cities and access to environmentally friendly and economical electromobility, for as many people as possible, is unu's self-declared goal. 
Despite rising prices in the supply chain, especially in the field of microelectronics and battery production, unu's battery subscription offers a solution to keep the initial costs as low as possible when entering into electromobility via e-scooters. Considering rising gasoline prices and additional costs, for comparatively frequent maintenance and repair of gasoline scooters, the monthly recurring subscription cost is well worth the extra peace of mind when it comes to batteries. 
"Moreover, consumption and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, especially for the younger generations—they go hand in hand. Conscious consumption has become a way of life," Blum continues. A recently published study by GfK proves the Berlin-based founder right: the so-called "glamour greens" live sustainability without sacrifice, and give us reason to believe that demand for high-quality, service-oriented e-vehicles, like unu, will continue to rise. After all, this young generation of consumers also wants to treat themselves to something in the summer of 2022, and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year in style with ease of mind. 

About unu

Founded in 2013 by Pascal Blum, Mathieu Caudal and Elias Atahi, unu is the market leader in the German-speaking e-scooter segment. Since 2015, unu has been successfully expanding into other European countries. Since the delivery of the second generation product in 2021, the company offers the new urban designed unu scooter, with a reliable battery model and app connection. In spring 2022, unu reached their next milestone: making the acquisition costs more affordable and enabling more people to enter e-mobility. Unu now offers a new pricing model with battery subscription, for the first time in the e-scooter segment. With the battery subscription, the performance of the batteries is guaranteed at all times, and reuse of discarded unu batteries—in terms of a sustainable circular economy, becomes possible.
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