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unu & Lease a Bike

Unlock the ultimate freedom of transport with Lease a Bike and unu - the perfect combination for your everyday commute and more!

unu x lease a bike

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Corporate Edition Scooters

What is Lease a Bike?

Lease a Bike is a Bike Mobility Services GmbH brand and a provider for leasing employer-bikes and employer scooters. With Lease a Bike, you can fulfill your dream of having your own unu Scooter and benefit from salary compensation schemes at the same time.

For Lease a Bike customers: How to get your Corporate Edition Scooter?

If your employer works with Lease a Bike and also offers the leasing of scooters, you log in to your Lease a Bike employee portal and get your Order Code. This is also the place where you can calculate your monthly rates yourself. After doing all this, you return to this page and after only a few clicks, you have requested your scooter. We will inform you about all the next steps.

For Non-Lease a Bike customers: How to get your Corporate Edition Scooter?

You have to do some work convincing them. For doing so, you can find a lot of information on how Lease a Bike is beneficial for employers here. With a little effort, you will surely have your Order Code and, therefore your job-bike or job-scooter with up to 40% benefit compared to a private purchase soon.

Save up to 40%

E-Scooter leasing can be up to 40% cheaper than buying a scooter. The salary conversion reduces the taxable gross salary and thus creates a real tax saving.

Premium package

No hidden costs – Carefree leasing thanks to premium protection for your scooter. Including insurance, a three-year warranty, and also one including one helmet.

unu & Lease a Bike

Lease a Bike in collaboration with unu, the Berlin E-Scooter brand is the perfect combination to enter e-mobility. With over 150 Service Partners in Germany and 10 years of experience, unu provides a unique experience for you.

What does a scooter have to do with my salary?

How can I ask Lease a Bike for help?

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