Published at 3/30/2022

unu is making e-mobility as affordable as petrol scooters by introducing a battery subscription

Battery quality and range reliability remain issue across the industry 48 % of e-mobility interested people in big cities would like to buy an e-scooter soon.
But purchase price (49%) and battery performance (41%) are their biggest concern.
That is why unu is coming up with a completely new pricing model with a battery subscription, making the e-scooter more affordable and the removable batteries more reliable and sustainable.
Berlin, March 31, 2022 – Just in time for the start of the scooter season, the Berlin-based mobility company unu ( is offering its latest e-scooters with a pocket-friendly pricing model. A new kind of pricing model with a better battery quality that facilitates access to e-mobility! From now on, all 3kW and 4kW unu models can only be purchased with a battery subscription. This is unu's response to a representative survey by Appinio, which shows that when switching to e-mobility, customers are primarily concerned about the battery life and repair costs.
The switch to e-mobility will be successful if the battery is reliable. Revealed by a representative study carried out by Appinio on behalf of unu, almost half of the surveyed (48.5%) people want to buy an e-scooter in the near future. But for the switch to e-mobility, the quality and reliability of the battery play a role in addition to the product purchasing cost. When it comes to potential scooter purchases and an actual purchasing decision, the purchase price (49%), battery performance (41%), charging options (34%), and running costs (electricity costs, repairs, etc.) (29%) are the top priorities. 
In addition, many people could imagine a battery subscription; a total of 41% of those surveyed stated that they liked the new pricing model with a battery subscription (compared to a one-time purchase of the scooter together with the battery). 
Low purchase price, guaranteed performance, and independence from gas & petrol. 
Thanks to the new pricing model with battery subscription, e-mobility with an unu scooter will be as affordable as driving a petrol scooter. Now the purchase price of unu e-scooters is starting around 27% lower. The new prices start at 2,399 euros for a 3-kW model and 2,999 euros early bird price for unu's 4-kW model. With this affordable entry price into e-mobility, buyers have freedom from unreliable batteries and independence from rising gasoline prices: With the new subscription model, unu guarantees its customers a battery capacity of 75% at all times.
Pascal Blum, founder, and CEO of unu says: "We have learned a lot from the battery problems of the past and have worked extremely hard on improvements. The partnership with LG has brought us a big step forward here and we now believe we can offer one of the most reliable and efficient battery models in the market. For our customers, the new subscription model means an additional guarantee to always stay mobile."
Full transparency is also provided by the unu mobile app, which can be used to check the capacity and quality of the battery at any time. With one charged unu battery drivers can reach a distance of up to 50 kilometers, costing only a few cents to fully charge. Those who buy an unu can opt for one removable battery (39 EUR per month for 50 km range) or two removable batteries (in the affordable 100km range package for 69 EUR per month). 
If contrary to expectations, the performance does fall below the guaranteed limit of 75% during this time or if there is a defect, unu will replace the battery free of charge.
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for a purchase decision
In the environment-friendly circular economy, and in the e-mobility segment, sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. Therefore, degraded unu batteries are not just disposed, but instead, they find a second life in other fields. For example, in the future, used unu batteries can be completely renewed again by replacing the cells, and discarded battery cells can continue to be reused in large energy storage systems for solar panels. Going forward, by rapid technological developments, there will be more and more opportunities to reuse these batteries. With this in mind, unu is already planning partnerships with many such companies that can implement such applications. In addition, all unu products are fully CO₂ compensated via ClimatePartner. This positions unu as a pioneer in the entire e-mobility segment concerning battery sustainability.
Pascal Blum adds: "Customers want better prices, more certainty in terms of battery quality, and are also placing more and more value on environmental aspects, especially when it comes to e-mobility because everyone knows that batteries play a major role in this. We are still at the beginning with our new pricing model with battery subscription. But we strongly believe that we are actually solving a big problem for our customers, as we already have proof, according to the survey, that 41% of metropolitans actually do like our new pricing model. In Germany, almost only 9% of the population are vegetarians, but the industry is booming and growing rapidly. And more and more people are changing their eating habits. I'm convinced that things will be very similar in the e-mobility sector. We are laying the foundations for this with our new battery subscription pricing model.  And we are pleased to be able to ensure more livable cities with more e-scooters instead of cars on the roads."
About unu
Founded in 2013 by Pascal Blum, Mathieu Caudal, and Elias Atahi, unu is the market leader in the German-speaking e-scooter segment. Since 2015, unu has been successfully expanding into other European countries. Since the delivery of the second generation product in 2021, the company offers the new unu scooter in urban design, with a reliable battery model and App connection. In spring 2022, unu will take the next milestone: to make the acquisition costs more affordable and to enable more people to enter e-mobility, unu will offer a new pricing model with battery subscription for the first time in the e-scooter segment. With the battery subscription, the performance of the batteries is guaranteed at all times and reuse of discarded unu batteries in terms of a sustainable circular economy becomes possible. Press Contact: Voor meer informatie, reviews of interviewverzoeken: Ovide Agency (PR-bureau) +31 (0) 6 28560293

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