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Discover the effortless freedom of having a personal e-scooter with insurance included & delivered to your doorstep. Worry-free for a fixed monthly price.

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Overview of the unu Care Package

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More infos about the unu subscription:

How does the subscription work?

Our scooter subscription works as follows: As a private person, you can subscribe to an unu scooter of your choice for a fixed period of either 36 or 48 months. You then pay a fixed monthly rate to unu. The monthly subscription fee includes your unu scooter, a battery, and a charger. It also includes liability and theft insurance for the entire subscription period and warranty for the first two years. At the end of the subscription, you can either buy your unu scooter for a small amount or return it to us. You can find the overview of the pricing here.

Will my scooter arrive with license plates and, therefore, already insured?

Yes, all scooters are covered by liability insurance for damage caused by you or the scooter to third parties. In the Basic Pack, partial comprehensive insurance with an excess of €750 per claim covers major damage such as theft, fire, and environmental damage (e.g. storm, hail, lightning, earthquake or flood). In addition, there is a two-year warranty on the scooter and its parts, the battery, and the charger.

How do the unu Care Packages differ from each other?

How can I get help from unu?

Fill in the support form on this page, and we will get back to you. You can also call us: +49 30 220121299 (Mon. - Fri: 09:00-17:00).