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Technical Details

  1. Required driver's license

    Regular European car driver's license (B) and country-specific licenses

  2. Max Speed

    45 km/h
    (= motor scooter 50cc scooter class)

  3. Passengers

    Designed for 2 passengers

  4. Range

    50 km (with 1 battery)
    100 km (with 2 batteries)

  5. Energy recovery

    Extended range through recovery of braking energy

  6. No gear shift

    Just one gear
    Simple to drive

  7. Emissions

    No exhaust fumes
    Virtually no sound

  8. Light-weight

    Easy to handle & drive

  9. Charging costs

    Less than 1€ / 100 km (Based on data according to Statista: electricity prices for households in Germany in S1 2018, (in euro per kilowatt-hour) is €0.29)

  10. Integrated Display

    Display shows your speed and the battery charge status.

  1. Battery & Charging

    • Portable battery with high-quality LG Lithium Ion cells
    • Charging dock that works at regular power outlets
    • Charging time: 7h
    • Capacity: min. 1.68kWh - max. 1.78 kWh
    • Communication between battery and scooter via NFC (Near Field Communication)
    • Black brushed aluminum casing
    • Weight: 9.5 kg – 10.5 kg
  2. Size & Height

    • Length: 180 cm
    • Height: 105-115 cm (depending on steering angle)
    • Height + mirrors mounted: max 125 cm
    • Width with handlebar: 72 cm
    • Seat length: 73 cm
    • Wheel size: front: 10” rim, rear: 11” rim
    • Tires: Heidenau K80 SR (front and rear)
    • Weight: 81.5 kg (without batteries)
    • Wheel rims: 10 inch front (tire size 3.50-10), 11 inch rear (tire size 110/70)
  3. Storage Space

    • Space for up to 2 batteries
    • Main storage for up to 2 helmets or your belongings (33.4 l)
    • Storage dimensions: 42 x 32 x 35 cm
    • Additional storage for vehicle documents & smaller belongings on rear side of seat
    • Hook for bags above the footrest
  4. Drivetrain

    • BOSCH Brushless electric hub motor, integrated in wheel
    • Motor powers max: 2kW, 3kW, 4kW
    • Motor powers continuous: 1.7kW, 1.9kW, 2.7kW
    • Hydraulic disc brakes in front and rear
    • Energy recovery: Extended range through recovery of braking energy
    • Top speed: 45 km/h (= motor scooter 50cc scooter class)

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Suggested use

A balanced urban vehicle, with occasional trips for two.


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Suggested use

Powerful acceleration and no compromises when driving with passenger.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more detailed information about the technical specs of the new Scooter?

We have created an overview of technical details in a special sheet, you can find the sheet here.

I can't purchase, because I live outside of the service area.

We only accept orders from serviced areas – this is because we want to provide you with the best support and experience possible. We're currently working towards extending our service areas. Please make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow our social channels in order to stay up to date on this.

Are all garages able to work with the unu Scooter?

Yes, all our service partners are able to perform maintenance and repairs on the unu Scooter, but garages are not able to perform software related maintenance and repairs, which is why the first point of contact, when it comes to technical support, should be unu. We want to be the first ones to identify where the issue comes from, to find the best solution.