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Make it yours. From 69€/month.1

unu Leasing. Fully online. Three simple steps.

How it works:

We have made unu Leasing as simple as possible. Your monthly payments will start as soon as the Bank has received all required documents. The approximate delivery time of your scooter will be shown in our webshop when you order. As soon as the lease of your scooter ends, you return it to us. Should you desire to buy your unu Scooter after the leasing duration is up, feel free to contact us.

Three unu scooters, matte pine, matte black and glossy red each pointing to a different direction.

Get your scooter. In three simple steps.

In collaboration with our partners, we've made leasing simple and fast. So you can focus on exploring your city.
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    Choose scooter

    Pre-order your unu Scooter in our online shop. Once we're ready to ship, you will be able to choose the unu Leasing option in the checkout.

  2. 2

    Sign online

    Simply apply for and sign your leasing contract online.

  3. 3


    Your scooter will be delivered right to your doorstep soon after signing the contract.

Calculate your monthly rate:

Your monthly rate depends on the scooter model, its color and the duration of your plan. Choose your configuration and get your rate calculated.
Please note: All pre-order benefits also apply to our leasing offer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the down payment automatically qualify me for a leasing contract?

No, it doesn't.
If you decide to get unu Leasing while finalizing your order, you need to apply on our website. The final decision will be made by Santander Consumer Leasing, our leasing partner.

How are the monthly rates calculated?

The monthly rates depend on several factors:
The duration of the lease. The residual value, i.e.: the value of the scooter at the end of the contract. The final residual value is stated in the contract. For a leasing of 36 months, it will be between 23% and 27%. The scooter model and colour also influence the monthly rates. And finally, the interest rate applied by our leasing partner Santander Consumer Leasing.

When do I set up the contract and who do I do it with?

Once we've asked you to confirm you purchase, you'll be able to apply for a leasing contract with our partner Santander Consumer Leasing.

When is the first rate due?

If you've successfully gone through the application process, you'll only have to start paying once you've received the scooter.

What is included in the leasing contract?

We offer a financing leasing, which means we focus on the financing aspect. This leasing contract does not contain insurance, repairs, inspections or a mobility guarantee.

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