Join us in our first Warehouse Sale at the unu Store in Berlin Mitte!

Ob du einen nagelneuen 3kw-Roller oder einen liebevoll gepflegten Secondhand-Roller suchst - wir halten eine beeindruckende Auswahl für dich bereit. Sicher dir deinen Traumroller zum Vorzugspreis!

Why buy refurbished or old models from unu?

Reduce Environmental Impact

Buying second-hand scooters promotes a circular economy by extending the lifespan of products and reducing waste and resource consumption.

Affordability and Accessibility

Offering second-hand scooters at lower prices makes them more accessible to a broader range of customers, encouraging sustainable transportation choices for individuals with limited budgets.

Warrenty included

For all refurbished scooters, you will get a 1-year warranty; for all old models (3kW), you will get a two-year warranty.