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Why should Hamburg choose unu electric scooters?

Hamburg: Get to know our unu Pioneers

We want you to experience how commuting with an e-scooter unlocks the true potential of Hamburg. That's why we created a professional network of unu Pioneers - Stefanie and Folkertwill introduce you to unu in the Hansestadt.
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Always a garage nearby in Hamburg

With garages conveniently located at Altona, Harburg and Rahlstedt, you’ll never have to worry about scooter service in Hamburg. Enjoy a worry-free commute with an unu electric scooter as we have a vast garage network all over Germany.
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A lot of flexible payment options

You can purchase the unu scooter directly or in installments via credit card, PayPal, Klarna, or with finance a bike. But you can also choose our unu scooter subscription, including insurance and yearly inspection. It's your choice.
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