10 years UNU

In 2013, UNU was founded in Munich. A lot has happened in the past 10 years - we take a look back and highlight the milestones during this time.
UNU's story begins with friends with an idea.
While studying in China, Pascal Blum discovered the benefits of riding a scooter. It was the most convenient way to get around the city, instead of sitting in traffic for hours or squeezing into overcrowded subways. At the same time, his friend Elias Atahi was also in China, and they began exchanging ideas about how to bring electric scooters, which were widely used in China at the time, to Europe. Upon their return to Germany, the two began to explore their idea further - for his Bachelor thesis, Pascal looked at strategies to bring e-scooters to Europe. Mathieu Caudal studied at the Technical University of Munich, where he met Pascal and Elias. He was immediately inspired by their idea and decided to join the project without hesitation. Shortly after, the three officially founded the company UNU and started developing the first prototype. 
In the summer of 2014, after only a few months of development and production, the company launched its first product, the UNU Classic. In early 2015, the next major milestone in UNU's history was upon us: The move to Berlin, to Kreuzberg on Tempelhofer Ufer. UNU also expanded to Austria, and later to the Netherlands and France. Within a few years, UNU became the best-selling e-scooter brand in Germany, selling more than 10,000 scooters and bringing key partners, such as Bosch, on board.
UNU spent the next few years developing its next product: The unu Scooter Pro. Based on several customer surveys, the e-scooter was developed independently. In addition to the scooter's minimalist design, its unique features include connectivity and a mobile app, a newly developed portable battery, and a large storage compartment under the seat. Due to the Corona pandemic and a warehouse fire, the first scooters were not delivered to customers until 2020.
In 2021, UNU opened its first flagship store at Sophienstrasse 23 in 10178 Berlin. 
The following year, UNU introduced its third product, the unu Scooter Move. It is based on the company's first scooter, the unu Scooter Classic: focusing entirely on the scooter and riding comfort - and unlike the Pro, not on connectivity and apps. For example, the Move can be turned on and off with a single button, and the display is reduced to the most important functions. The unu Move's dual-arm swingarm provides maximum stability and comfort, regardless of the surface. This makes the scooter perfect for beginners. In 2022, UNU also launched the subscription model for its scooter: customers can subscribe to their unu for a fixed period of time. 
In 2023, UNU took the opportunity to change its retail strategy and broaden its business base. To do this, the company established exciting partnerships, for example with bike leasing company Lease a Bike. Instead of a company bike, employees can use an unu scooter as their preferred mode of transportation. UNU is also working with various retailers and service partners who have added the unu Scooter to their product range. As a result, it is now possible to test drive and buy unu Scooters in more and more cities, for example at Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep in the Netherlands or RollerSpot Stuttgart. In addition, the company has revamped its subscriptions, offering customers a choice of service and mobility packages.

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