Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

As the holiday season approaches, we want to thank you for your support and loyalty. It has been a challenging year for all of us, but we are grateful to have you by our side as we navigate through this challenging year.
unu’s journey has been full of ups and downs and reflecting back; we feel that 2022 was the year of achievements! Despite the challenges, we are proud to report that our company has made significant progress in the past year. With the unu Scooter Move launch and monthly scooter subscriptions, we are one step closer to our goal of e-mobility for everyone. Our goal for both of these updates is to offer the minimalistic design of our unu scooters to a wider range of users.
We want to be advocates of design & sustainability - therefore, we are proud and happy to say that unu is present in four European countries- Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands.
Over the past years, the unu community witnessed all the wins and challenges. Same time last year, we shared how COVID and post-COVID times were difficult for unu. Nevertheless, as our community stood with us, we could face the challenges with a smile.
Soaring energy prices, crumbling economies and inflation due to recent worldwide developments paired with global supply chain challenges had an immediate impact on unu’s business. Like many other companies, we had to opt for a price increase during this time. 
On a positive note, we recognized your need and launched a new webshop for accessories. Yes, we now have helmets, leg warmers, rain covers, batteries and battery chargers to offer. We are overwhelmed and thankful for the response we received from you, especially for the leg warmer. 
Strengthening our teams with a talented workforce, including our customer service teams, has been our focus this year. We are continuously working on making customer communication easy and efficient, as it was different from what was expected in the past. Not to mention that our garage network is more vast than before, making it easier for you to find service partners close to you.  
We are grateful for the relationships we have built and the faith you have put in us to make unu a success. We are committed to continuing to provide design-focused and high-quality products and services for you and to be a force for good in the community. 
This year we rolled out 7 firmware releases and 3 major app updates. The scooter turn on/off feature, last seen location feature and a very recent one- setting your scooter in hibernation mode feature. 
As said earlier, 2022 has also been a year of wins for unu. We are super proud of the unu community, which has driven over 4,414,265 km only with the unu Pro till today. We know there is still a way ahead of us, but we promise never to stop learning and improving along the way.
We couldn't be more excited for 2023 when unu turns 10 years old! One more reason to celebrate and simultaneously improve our customer experience, product and app features, and new offerings.
We appreciate the ride we have had together and we look forward to a prosperous and positive next year.
Warmest regards,
Pascal (Co-Founder) and Mathieu (Co-Founder)