Published at 11/24/2022 – Electric scooter

Do you really need to wear a helmet on e-scooter? Here’s everything you should to know!

Fines and points for riding an e-scooter without a helmet You probably know that helmets are compulsory for many types of motorbikes in Germany. The rule one should keep in mind here is found in § 21a paragraph 2 StVO. As it states, helmets are compulsory for all motorbikes with which you can move faster than 20 km/h, irrespective of the category of the moped. This means helmets are compulsory on all e-scooters including unu!

An overview

However, wearing a helmet should not just be seen as a chore. It is the only protection for your head! Wearing a helmet primarily protects your health and that of your passengers. If you are caught in a traffic control without a helmet, you can expect the following fines:

Riding an e-scooter without a helmet during the trial period of your license

 Generally, riding without a helmet is a "category B" offense. The first strike does not affect your probation. However, if you commit two "category B" offenses as a novice driver, these could be taken together and assessed as an "Offense" - i.e., a serious administrative offense. But what does this mean for you? This means your probationary period is extended by another two years, and you must attend an additional training seminar.

Risk of injury when riding an e-scooter without a helmet

Irrespective of the array of fines, you should be aware that riding an e-scooter without a helmet puts your health at considerable risk. Unlike in a car, in the event of an accident with an e-scooter, you have no crumple zone, i.e. no protective surface that could absorb the impact. The helmet is the only protection for your head. When riding an e-scooter without a helmet, you risk a traumatic brain injury, or more serious injuries can also occur. In short, wearing a helmet is always a good idea! 

Approved  helmets for electric scooters 

The legislation has approved a set of helmets for an e-scooter. That means your normal bicycle helmet does not meet the standards and cant be used on your e-moped. A helmet must be ECE-certified to wear on your e-scooter. The following helmet types are suitable for cruising with your e-scooter:
  • Full-face helmet
  • Jet helmet
  • Flip-up helmet
  • Cross helmet
  • Modular helmet
The most common helmet is the full-face helmet, which you also know from motorcyclists. This helmet encloses your entire head and has a headband and visor. It is followed by the jet helmet, which leaves the face free. This is why the helmet is also synonymously called an open-face helmet. unu offers jet helmet in 4 sizes. Helmets can be bought together with your unu scooter or separately. It is essential that you have the right type of helmet in the correct size. 

Determining the right size for your helmet:

 To ensure that your helmet protects you, it is essential to choose the right helmet size. This prevents the helmet from slipping. Your head circumference is the decisive factor in determining the right helmet size for you. one can find this out quickly with the help of a simple tape. You usually put the measuring tape on the back of your neck and pull it up to your forehead. Then compare the result with the manufacturer's specifications. 

As a rule, helmet sizes are divided up as follows

  • XS = 53 cm - 54 cm
  • S = 55 cm - 56 cm
  • M = 57 cm - 58 cm
  • L = 59 cm - 60 cm
  • XL = 61 cm - 62 cm
  • XXL = 63 cm - 64 cm