Published at 11/24/2022 – E-Mobility

E-mobility: advantages and disadvantages at a glance

A big advantage of e-mobility? There's no question about jetting through the city center with a clear and green conscience. E-mobility is on the rise. According to the climate targets of the federal government, a third of the vehicles in German traffic will have to be electric by 2030 if CO2 emissions in the transport sector in Germany are to fall accordingly by then. But e-mobility has many more positive effects on the environment and our everyday lives. And is there a downside? Time to look closely at "E-mobility: advantages and disadvantages"!

Why e-mobility?

E-mobility has many advantages. The biggest is obvious: If you drive electrically, you are doing something beneficial for the environment. Emissions such as those emitted by petrol and diesel vehicles have serious effects on the climate and the environment. Even when driving modern petrol engines, too much CO2 is still released into the atmosphere. According to a study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), traffic is responsible for 24 percent of all CO2 emissions worldwide.

Advantages of e-mobility: environmentally friendly, quiet, practical - right?

Electric vehicles counteract this. However, only if the production of the batteries and electricity is based on renewable energies electric cars are CO2-neutral in the broadest sense. This applies to electric cars as well as electric scooters. The unu Scooter, for example, does not emit any CO2 when driving, thanks to the lithium-ion battery. Not even public transport can keep up. The more people in the city get on an electric scooter instead of the bus in the future, the better the local air quality will be. And when it comes to noise pollution in the city, electric scooters have a clear advantage: They are wonderfully quiet! Instead of loud rattling, you can finally hear typical city sounds again on your unu tour. More relaxed cruising ain’t possible.
Speaking of relaxation: the search for a parking space and the next traffic jam are no longer an issue when you are traveling with an e-scooter. Admittedly, that wouldn't be the case with a petrol engine either, but we have a  green conscience and that's a huge plus! Another advantage is that there are various grants and subsidies for the purchase of an electric vehicle.
Here are the advantages of e-mobility at a glance:
• Environmentally friendly
• Quiet driving pleasure
• Modern driving experience
• Purchase grants and subsidies

E-mobility: advantages and disadvantages - counter-arguments can usually be refuted

An electric car or electric scooter? Common misconception sounds like this: You won't get very far with those… That's probably the main reason that makes the purchase less attractive for many people. Of course, the ranges are shorter than with a petrol or diesel engine. But they are further than expected. This is how you can travel 50 km with an unu battery. Since you can always take a second charged one, it's already 100 km. Not bad for a small city scooter, right? Best of all, the batteries can be easily charged at home or in your office. So you are not dependent on public charging stations with the electric scooter.
Another alleged disadvantage: e-mobility is usually associated with high acquisition costs. At least, that's what many believe. But that's exactly where a little research is worthwhile since the scooters are usually subsidized for both private and business customers.

E-mobility: advantages and disadvantages: a small conclusion

After all, the advantages of e-mobility outweigh the disadvantages. Of course, the market for electric vehicles and e-scooters is still growing, and there is still much room for improvement. And the production of batteries for electrically powered vehicles must also be further optimized. Nevertheless, it can be said: E-mobility is the future. Hardly surprising: Because what could be nicer than being relaxed on the road, enjoying the sound of the city, and having a really good, green conscience?

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