Published at 9/22/2023 – Electric scooter

A second battery & more: Which spare parts do you need for your electric scooter?

The most important detail for almost everyone riding an electric scooter is the range and therefore also the battery performance. But how often do you have to exchange batteries to keep the performance up? And which spare parts do you generally need for your electric scooter? We’ve prepared a little overview for you.
What do you do if you need a spare part for your electric scooter?
Need a spare part for your electric scooter? Rest assured, high-quality scooters like unu rarely require part exchanges. Regular inspections, especially after 500 km of driving, keep your scooter in top shape. Contact us easily via chat, phone, or email if you need any spare parts or repairs, from electronic control unit issues to chassis scratches. For optimal service and to preserve your warranty, avoid disassembling the scooter yourself. Our partner garages have access to official unu spare parts, ensuring only genuine products are used for your scooter.
Spare parts for the electric scooter: how many batteries do you need?
You can travel up to 50 km with one unu battery. And there are more cool facts: You can easily charge it at home via the normal socket. A full charge takes about seven hours and can easily be done overnight. You can simply take the second charged battery with you – so the range increases up to 100 km. Both the scooter and the battery are subject to a two-year guarantee.
Spare parts unnecessary: ​​How do you keep your battery alive for as long as possible?
As already mentioned, the LG battery is particularly durable. However, there are a few things you can do to keep it up and running for as long as possible. It is best never to fully load or unload it – this way it’ll last longer. In contrast to older battery technologies, lithium-ion batteries are well suited for short charges. Also important: Only use the battery when the outside temperature is between -10°C and +45°C. If you use the battery at 0°C, the capacity is temporarily reduced by 30 percent. You should also be careful not to place any sharp objects in the storage space under the seat when using the scooter. These objects can damage the battery case or even the battery cells inside.
How do you properly dispose of your battery?
If the battery is damaged, please do not simply throw it away. Instead, contact the unu support and we will take care of proper disposal. You can find out more about recycling your electric scooter here.
In conclusion, a high-quality electric scooter like unu rarely requires spare parts replacement. Regular inspections and proper maintenance are key to its longevity. If any issues arise, contact unu for assistance. With a second battery option, the scooter's range can reach up to 100 km. Remember to follow battery care tips to extend its lifespan. Dispose of damaged batteries responsibly through unu support for recycling. Enjoy your eco-friendly ride with peace of mind!