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Electric Scooter Subsidy - apply now

You want to switch to an electric scooter and are looking for the right subsidy? There are many ways to get subsidies for your purchase - we show you where you can get support.

Why should you invest in electric mobility in the first place?

Investing in e-mobility is environmentally friendly, sustainable, cheaper in the long term and is becoming increasingly popular: according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the number of registered electric vehicles in Germany has risen from 2,300 (2011) to over 365,000 cars over the course of just 10 years.
Electromobility is one of the resource-saving means of transport with which we can at least help to somewhat slow down man-made climate change. Moreover, riding an e-scooter is a cost-efficient alternative to bus, train and car. With the average German electricity tariffs, you don't even pay 1€ per 100 km of battery charge.

What is an environmental bonus or subsidy program?

Some federal states and cities offer special e-mobility subsidy programs that make the purchase of an electric scooter even cheaper for you and allow even smaller budgets to buy an e-scooter.
The funding bodies here are usually the federal government, federal states, municipalities, public utilities or local authorities, some of which support you with direct subsidies or scrapping premiums for the purchase.

Which type of vehicles can get subsidized?

Electromobility in Germany is no longer limited to electric cars. Electric scooters and other environmentally friendly and flexible means of transport are becoming increasingly popular and are subsidized accordingly by the federal and state governments. There are purchase premiums for electric cargo bikes, financial support for the purchase of e-scooters and also more and more funding opportunities for electric scooters like our unu Scooter. 
Although the funding programs for electric scooters are not yet as diverse as those for e-cars, many cities have set up programs you can turn to before buying an e-scooter. In Regensburg you can, for example, already get up to € 1,000 back when you buy your electric scooter.

Subsidy programs for electric scooters, how do they work?

In most cases, the funding programs impose certain conditions on the applicants. Important for you: For almost all funding programs, the application for funding should be submitted before the actual purchase of the electric scooter. Therefore, it is never too early to find out exactly whether you are eligible for support in your city and which requirements you have to fulfil. If you already know that there is no way around a new electric scooter for you, we can only advise you: Submit your application for funding directly and don't wait too long. The processing of the application takes quite some time and if you buy an e-scooter before your application is approved, in many cases you will lose your right to the subsidy. It is best to be patient and take care of everything early.
Divider subsidies

Who is eligible for an electric scooter grant?

Depending on where you live and which federal state you live in, you can find various subsidy programs that can help you finance your new electric scooter. In addition to private individuals, companies can also apply for support for the purchase of e-scooters - so that you can make your sustainability efforts more tangible for your employees.

Electric scooter subsidies for private individuals

Would you like to switch to an e-scooter because it's so convenient to cruise silently to the nearest lake in the summer with fully charged batteries? And do you also enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from your electric scooter on your way to work? Not only we can understand this, but also more and more cities and municipalities. That's why you, as a private person, are often supported when switching from a vehicle with an internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle.

Electric scooter subsidies for companies

It is also worthwhile for your company to invest in electric scooters and use them as company vehicles or for delivery. To make this investment more attractive for companies, there are also support possibilities in this area - you can find more information on electric scooter subsidies for your business here.

Who offers support programs?

Subsidies are available at the state, municipal and city level, and many companies (primarily electricity providers) also support you in the purchase of your new e-scooter. You can find out which towns and companies offer premiums in our updated list.

What subsidies are currently available?

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