Electric scooter speed: How fast can you go?

Start your scooter and off you go - with a green conscience: Electric scooters are sustainable and compact vehicles that you can use to travel sustainably and quietly within the city and in the country. But how fast are you actually allowed to cruise? And is it allowed to drive your e-scooter on the highway? We have all the information and answers.

Electric scooter speed: It depends on the model – and on the driver's license

Electric scooters have long been an integral part of road traffic. And many models that are now on the market are of high quality – at least from good manufacturers like unu. Plus: Electric scooters with a lithium-ion battery can be really fast. So-called 125 models, for example, reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h.
At first glance, that sounds awesome. But think carefully about whether you need such a model. Because electric scooters up to 45 km/h are perfectly sufficient, especially for the city. Faster doesn't necessarily mean better. It depends on the context in which you want to use your e-scooter. Do you need it for city cruising or for relaxed driving on country roads? Then the e-scooters from unu with an output of 2kW or 4kW are perfect for you.
They can go as fast as 45 km/h - and guarantee you rapid driving fun. Plus: These models offer far less organizational effort. You can also drive an e-scooter at a speed of 45 km/h if you “only” have a class B driver’s license. This is the standard driver's license for cars.
If you want a fast electric scooter model with a speed-capacity of up to 110 km/h, you need a special driver's license - namely a motorcycle driver's license.

Can I also use the country road or the highway?

With an electric scooter up to 45 km/h - i.e. with a motor of 2kW or 4kW - you are always allowed to drive on public roads. Especially in the city there are hardly any restrictions for you. You can also normally drive your electrically powered scooter on federal highways. In other words, you usually don't have any problems on country roads.
However, there are a few exceptions that you should be aware of. If it is a highway-like federal road that is signposted as a motor road, you cannot drive on it with an electric scooter up to 45 km/h. You can recognize such federal roads by the rectangular blue sign with a white car (sign 331). If the main road is marked with a ban on motorcycles and mopeds (sign 255), it is also taboo for you. Last but not least, you are not allowed to drive on a motorway with an electric scooter at 45 km/h. Because only vehicles are allowed to drive there "whose maximum speed, determined by the design, is more than 60 km/h" (StVO §18). Only vehicles that drive up to at least 60 kilometers per hour are allowed to drive here, i.e. no smaller scooters. Electric scooters, which in turn can achieve a maximum speed of 110 km/h, are permitted on motorways.

Travel responsibly with your electric scooter

It's wonderful to let the wind blow in your face on your own e-scooter - and to really pick up speed. Nevertheless, regardless of the model, always remember to drive with foresight and responsibility, and to slow down if the traffic situation requires it. Don't forget your helmet and always carry your driver's license with you to avoid fines. And then it's time to enjoy safe, green and fun e-mobility!

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