Published at 7/31/2022 – Electric scooter

Electric scooter insurance: Everything you need to know

Are you a proud owner of an electric scooter and would you like to use it on public roads? Then you need appropriate insurance. We will tell you which insurance is the right one for you and what else you need to know.
The most important message first: If your e-scooter drives faster than 6 km/h of its own accord, you will need separate liability insurance. Unlike a car, the insurance does not automatically renew. In other words: the insurance number must be renewed every year and no later than March 1. The new insurance indicator can be recognized by its color, which changes yearly.

Electric scooter insurance: What does liability cover?

In Germany, it is required by law to take out liability insurance for electric scooters. So you are relaxed on the road because liability insurance for the e-scooter protects against personal injury, property damage, and financial loss.

Let's do that with an example.

You are driving your unu e-scooter on the streets of Berlin and accidentally hit a passer-by. This person is physically damaged and suffers a broken wrist, which has to be treated in the hospital. This is classified as personal injury. Your e-scooter liability insurance will cover this damage. So far, so good. Because especially in the case of personal injury, high claims can quickly arise. If you didn't have liability insurance, you would have to pay for it out of your pocket. So you are protected from that. And usually up to 100 million euros, which third parties could assert against you.

Electric scooter insurance: costs for your liability insurance.

The cost of your electric scooter insurance depends on which insurance provider you are with and how old you are. The rule applies: the older, the more experienced in road traffic, the cheaper. Usually, a distinction is made between 15-22 years and over 23 years. But to give you a rough number: The prices start at around 40 euros per year.
Electric scooter insurance: What does the partially comprehensive insurance cover?
In addition to your liability insurance, you can also take out partial casco insurance. There is no legal obligation to do this. However, the insurance covers additional damage. First and foremost: theft. Probably the biggest risk when you are the proud owner of an electric scooter. So if your e-scooter is stolen, the partially comprehensive insurance will pay for it. Damage caused by game and glass breakage as well as damage caused by weather, lightning, fire, hail and storm and damage caused by short circuits in the electrical system, are also covered by the partially comprehensive insurance. Such damage is less common. But if you cannot store your electric scooter inside because you live in an apartment building, for example, insurance against hail or storms can make sense. In terms of price, partial coverage starts at around 70 euros a year. There are now even providers of special electrical hull insurance. Then the battery is also insured.

What is not insured under liability and partially comprehensive insurance?

  • Intentionally Caused Damage
  • Damage caused by participating in races
  • Damage to your e-scooter if no partial insurance is taken out

How do I get my insurance number?

It certainly makes sense for you first to compare the different insurance providers and find the perfect insurance for you. Once you have decided, you must present the general operating permit (in German it’s: ABE) for your electric scooter when concluding the contract. You get it when you buy it. The ABE contains all relevant information, such as manufacturer, type of drive, year of construction and identification number.
Usually, the conclusion of the contract for your insurance only takes a few minutes. Your insurance number plate will usually be sent to you on the next working day. Once attached, you can drive around!

Electric scooter insurance: Do I need legal protection?

If you want to be safe, consider taking out legal expenses insurance. It supports you if you have an accident with an e-scooter, the question of guilt is not 100% clear and you need legal assistance. Attention: If you took out traffic legal protection insurance after 2014, your electric scooter is automatically insured.

Where does the electric scooter insurance apply?

Your liability insurance is valid throughout Europe and within the scope of the European Union. These can be countries that are outside of Europe but belong to the European Union - including the Azores, Isle of Man or Canary Islands. You can also go on holiday in Europe with your electric scooter. Nevertheless, it certainly makes sense to learn about the laws and restrictions within the respective country before you travel abroad with your e-scooter. Because not everything that is allowed in Germany is also allowed in the travel destination so, to be on the safe side, find out about rules such as speed limits, compulsory helmets and the different types of roads you are allowed to drive on.

Driving an e-scooter without insurance: What could happen?

There should be no question: if you don't have an insurance sticker or compulsory liability insurance, you risk a hefty fine. What's more, you're committing a criminal offense before the law. If you then cause an accident, you have no insurance coverage. In the worst case, you would have to pay the costs out of your pocket. In the case of personal injury, this can run into the millions.
Brief: When you have bought your electric scooter, it is best to take care of your insurance coverage directly. This is money well invested so that you can jump on your e-scooter day after day with a good feeling.