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Get to know Alexander

If you're interested in unu electric scooters, our unu pioneers like Alexander in Dresden is the person to talk to! He knows everything there is to know about unu and can give you unbiased advice on which model would suit you best. When you take a test ride, they'll be there to answer any questions you have and make sure you have a great time. All you need to bring is your ID card, driver's license, and a whole lot of excitement!
How long have you been a Pioneer, and what do you like about it / what is particularly exciting?
More than two years.
Working with the test riders, who are always very enthusiastic about the scooter: they always come back with a smile because they never imagined it to be so special.
Can you give us an insight into your day as an unu Pioneer? / What does a typical day with the unu Scooter look like for you, and how do you use the unu Scooter for yourself? 
I use my unu (which I affectionately call Bisa because it's green) for commuting to work, leisure, shopping, and occasionally as a cab for my wife.
How do your test drives typically go? 
We meet at a fixed location, I show the scooter to the test riders, and we talk casually about the ideas. Most of the time, the riders are already well-informed, so you only have to answer a few questions. After 10 minutes, the test riders can go wherever they want for the rest of the time. After that, there is usually a follow-up discussion with questions, and that's it.
Who usually signs up for test drives? 
Usually, it's men, rarely women. It is nice to see more and more families with children come because the parents want to drive their kids to school and bequeath the scooter to the children for the future.
The kids are more excited about the volume and how the parents go back and forth.
Have the test riders had any previous experience with (e)scooters?
Most of them have never had anything to do with electric vehicles before. Many are also relatively inexperienced when it comes to scooters. 
What is something that surprises the test drivers? 
The acceleration puts a grin on everyone's face, and for the pragmatic driver, the large space under the seatbox makes them marvel.
What do you like best about unu and the unu Scooter?
In the meantime, I appreciate the trunk more than the acceleration. Since I got my unu, I hardly use my car anymore. Unlike a car, I can transport a lot with the unu, am fast, agile, and never have parking problems.
As an insider of your city, which places would you recommend your test riders try out the unu scooter? / Is there a particular route you recommend to your test riders or a place you like to test ride, and why?
We meet at the Altmarkt; there is a large square where you can ride at a walking pace for the beginning to be able to test the scooter safely. Then you ride a few meters in a 20 zone. After that, it's up to everyone. Many want to try cobblestones; others again prefer Löbtau or TU Dresden to take a lovely mountain.
What is your ideal route through your city? / Which places do you most like to rattle off with the unu scooter? / At which places do you feel most connected to your city?
My ideal route gets along the Elbe, towards Radebeul, past the vineyards. For me, almost nothing can top that in good weather. Stop, get out the blanket, and listen to the water. Wrap up a blanket and keep going; no car can do that. My unu and my route are the ultimate freedom to be mobile.
What is the average feedback from test riders after trying our unu scooter? 
Enthusiasm. The quality of the quiet ride, with no vibrations of a motor, is delightful. Many are surprised by how easy the unu is to handle. No clutch, no 1,000 buttons.
Have you ever recommended family and friends to test drive or buy an unu scooter? 
My father said, "It's a pity that there was no such thing in my youth. With the acceleration, you could have overtaken any car".
What is your most interesting experience with test drivers so far?
A father brought a children's backpack. This should fit in the seatbox, which was also the reason for him to buy it. We always honk to each other in the city as we drive by.
Can you give tips and tricks on what (new) unu drivers should look out for? 
Stay calm when cars are too slow at traffic lights and have to change gears constantly. And do not drive too close to old scooters; you can breathe badly when they drive/stand in front of you. 

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