Get to know Gabriel – our pioneer from Nürnberg

Discover the possibilities of urban mobility with our unu Pioneers! This article is about Gabriel, our Pioneer in Nuremberg, who will meet you at the playground on the south side of Ritterplatz and is also a dedicated unu driver. He can give you the experience of a test ride with an unu Pro. Take a free test ride with the unu e-scooter and experience the freedom of electric mobility.
  • How long have you been unu Pioneer and what do you like about it / what is particularly exciting? I have been a Pioneer for nine months. What I like most about it is bringing people a little bit closer to electromobility and unu.
  • Can you give us an insight into your day as an unu Pioneer? / What does a typical day with the unu Scooter look like for you, and how do you use the unu Scooter for yourself?  Typically, my day with the scooter starts with taking the battery from the charging station and riding the scooter to the dining hall with my roommate. After that, the storage space is happily used to buy groceries and/or toys for my cats.
  • How do your test drives typically go?  We meet at the agreed meeting point (the playground on the south side of Ritterplatz, at the intersection of Strauchstraße & Enderleinstraße). Then I go into the scooter's most essential topics & features and get to know if the test rider already has some scooter experience. Afterward, I suggest a route, and we schedule a time to meet again. After the test drive, there is still room for open questions.
  • Who usually signs up for test drives?  People who want to replace their primary mode of transportation.
  • Have the test riders had any previous experience with (e)scooters? Most of the time, yes. But you absolutely don't have to!
  • What is something that surprises the test drivers?  The fun factor and the design.
  • What do you like best about unu and the unu Scooter? Parking everywhere, being the first at the traffic lights, fun factor when driving, and the very large storage space.
  • As an insider of your city, which places would you recommend your test riders try out the unu scooter? Heading towards Marienberg Park is always nice! Scooting along the woods and residential areas of the zoo is also fun.
  • What places do you feel most connected to your city? I feel very connected to the city in the city center, especially with the unu Scooter, because I can hear everything. 
  • What is the average feedback from test riders after trying our unu scooter? Full of joy :)
  • Have you ever recommended family and friends to test drive or buy an unu scooter?  Yes, of course. I also let them drive so that they could make an impression themself.
  • Can you give tips and tricks on what (new) unu riders should look out for?  It's best to think about how you want to test the scooter beforehand to create a perfect scenario for later use.

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