Testride with our Pioneer Manuel from Stuttgart

Get to know Manuel - our Pioneer from Stuttgart

Explore the possibilities of urban mobility with unu Pioneers! This article is about Manuel, our pioneer from Stuttgart, meeting you in Burgstallstraße 26 in Stuttgart Süd and also a dedicated unu rider. Take a free test ride of the unu e-scooter and experience the freedom of electric transportation.
  • How long have you been an unu Pioneer, and what is particularly exciting about it? I've been with unu as a Pioneer since the beginning of 2015, so I'm probably one of the old hands :) For me, the unu is the ideal means of transportation in Stuttgart, and it's a lot of fun to get to know different people from my city and to see the unu smile on their faces when they come back from the test drive!
  • What does a typical day with the unu scooter look like for you, and how do you use the unu scooter for yourself? Although I also have a car parked out front, I use the unu scooter for 98% of my daily commute. It doesn't matter if it's for the weekly shopping - which is OK thanks to the ample storage space - or for sports out of the Stuttgart basin to Degerloch. It saves a lot of time and nerves, especially in Stuttgart, when I can drive past one or another city traffic jam and don't have to search forever for a parking space.
  • Who typically signs up for test drives? Even after so many years, I can't give a general answer to that. A wide variety of people come to test drive the scooter - from students to pensioners, there's really everything. That's exactly what I enjoy so much about my job as a Stuttgart Pioneer.
  • Have the test riders had any previous experience with (e)scooters? Actually, many of the test riders have already used various sharing services in Stuttgart and have acquired a taste for them. When they start looking for their own scooter, most of them come to me for a test drive :)
  • What is the average feedback from the test riders after trying our unu Scooter? The test riders come back from the test ride with big smiles on their faces. The power and the agile driving feeling provides a great enthusiasm for most of them. The large amount of storage space and the appealing design are also major plus points that are often highlighted.
  • What is something that surprises the test riders? Often two people come together for a test drive. When the unu scooter is then tried out by two people, they are surprised at how comfortable it is to sit on and how effortlessly the unu scooter masters Stuttgart's inclines, even with two passengers.