Testride with our Pioneer Manfred from Cologne

Get to know Manfred - our Pioneer from Cologne

Explore the possibilities of urban mobility with unu Pioneers! This article is about Manfred, one of our Cologne pioneers, meeting you in Südstadt and also a dedicated unu rider. Take a free test ride of the unu e-scooter and experience the freedom of electric transportation.
  • How long have you been unu Pioneer, and what do you like about it / what is particularly exciting? I've been an unu Pioneer for three seasons and am a fan of this chic and environmentally friendly vehicle for the city. I like to show that to other people in Cologne and regularly have good conversations with friendly people looking for the same thing. The environmental aspect plays a significant role, and I am pleased that this is also an argument for many test riders to take a closer look at the unu scooter.
  • Have the test riders had any previous experience with (e)scooters? Many have ridden a rental scooter and got a taste for it. I've also often had the situation where test riders have been riding a classic scooter from Italy that does require a lot of maintenance. They are now looking for an uncomplicated and contemporary electric alternative.
  • What is something that surprises the test riders? When you open the hatch to the large cargo area, almost everyone is surprised at how much fits here.
  • What is your own ideal route through your city / which places do you like to drive around with the unu scooter? I like to ride the "Nord-Süd-Fahrt" in Cologne. That's actually a not-so-nice road through the middle of the city, just from north to south. The city of Cologne is currently rebuilding the road to make it more bike-friendly - but especially with the unu, it's fun to speed through the small city of Cologne in just 15 minutes. The ride along the Hohenzollernring boulevard is also a lot of fun with the unu. There's now one lane for cyclists and a second for everyone else, so you can cruise through the city center in the unu. In the summer, I like to ride straight from Nippes along Neusser Landstraße to Blackfoot Beach at Fühlinger See and switch to the SUP there.
  • What is the average feedback from test riders after trying our unu scooter? After almost every ride, the test riders have a smile on their face because it was even better than they expected before.
  • What is your most exciting experience with test riders so far? I recently had the editor of a motor magazine as a test rider, who had registered incognito and wanted to test the unu Scooter for his magazine. He also had this smile on his face afterward and described the unu directly as the ideal city runabout.