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Unu e-scooters are coming to the Netherlands... Who is unu?

Hi, we are unu.
An extraordinary e-scooter brand from Germany.
unu is already well-known in many German cities, where numerous freedom-loving people are enjoying the perks of e-mobility and flexibility on their own unus. And the good news is true: Our powerful e-scooters are now also available in the Netherlands.
We have already established ourselves as one of the leading e-scooter brands on the German market and we really hope to revolutionize the Dutch market as well.
But why has the Dutch market been waiting for us? Because our e-scooter is not just an ordinary e-scooter and we are not just another e-scooter brand.
Climate-neutral in a very near future As a manufacturer of electric scooters, we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of becoming a completely climate-neutral company within the next year. This means that the emissions generated during the manufacture of our e-scooters and the individual parts are offset with the help of our partners PlanA and ClimatePartner, as well as all other emissions that occur in the future, for example during transport routes and other process steps.
So that's one of our many goals. And we think it perfectly fits the climate-related goals of the Dutch government: to cut emissions by 49% until 2030.
Another goal of ours is to equip as many people as possible with an unu in order to convince and inspire more and more people of e-mobility.
We pursuit towards innovations unu is constantly developing the unu software – you can already activate and deactivate your unu Scooter Pro remotely using the app, or make it run using a keycard.
The advantages of e-mobility in general Enough about us - why should you buy an e-scooter in the first place?
The most obvious first: electric mobility is significantly more environmentally friendly than a conventional petrol-powered car. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), congestion is responsible for about 24% of the world's Co2 emissions - because so much exhaust gas is blown into the air by combustion engines. E-scooters cause no other emissions while driving. In addition, they are significantly quieter in use than conventional vehicles. In the city, this can be a real blessing in the long run! The main advantages of e-mobility at a glance:
• Environmentally friendly • Quiet driving pleasure • Modern driving experience • Purchase grants and subsidies
Netherlands - we’re looking forward to meeting you!
For everyone in the Netherlands who is now curious: You will soon be able to test-drive our unu e-scooter in the Netherlands.
If you have already decided, you can of course also strike online: Our e-scooters are available in two different models (2kW and 4kW) and in different colors. You can easily order your e-scooter online and we will deliver your scooter right to your front door.