Published at 8/3/2014

The unu Scooter Classic

Munich, August 4th 2014
Independence from fuel pumps or charging stations and exhaust-free driving pleasure make unu the ideal urban vehicle. This new electric scooter arrived on Germany’s streets in July 2014. Available in 6 different color combinations, each unu is delivered directly to its purchaser’s home. unu’s innovative business model makes e-mobility affordable. The battery’s user-friendly handling is particularly impressive: the portable battery can be easily recharged from any 230 V power outlet.
Anyone with an ordinary license to drive a car or moped is allowed to drive the unu scooter, which has a range of more than 50 km with one battery or 100 km with two batteries. “That’s enough range to cover a daily commute to work or to the university and also to have enough range leftover to go out in the evening,” says Elias Atahi, one of unu’s two founders. “The average person in a big city travels only circa 15 km per day, so they just need to recharge the battery once every three or four days, for example, overnight from one of their home’s electrical outlets.”

Never fill your fuel tank again – And no charging stations either thanks to portable power

A lightweight rechargeable lithium-ion battery supplies electric current to the unu scooter. The battery is portable and can be fully recharged in five to six hours from any ordinary electrical outlet. Thanks to the use of ultramodern lithium cells, this power pack weighs only 9 kg and is accordingly easy to carry. A chic case of black brushed aluminum protects the high-performance rechargeable battery’s cells. A built-in display of the momentary charge status shows how much power remains in the highperformance battery. Top-quality Panasonic cells give this rechargeable battery the highest energy density of all batteries currently on the market.

Light, clean and zero-emission – Without searching for a place to park or waiting in a traffic jam

The innovative electromotor needs no maintenance, no gears, no fuel tank and no oil so it has a significantly longer lifespan than a conventional gasoline engine. The scooter weighs only 58 kg, i.e. about half the weight of a comparable Vespa. “We wanted to create an urban vehicle that not only liberates people from dependence on fossil fuels, but also frees them from annoying traffic jams and the hassle of searching for scarce parking spaces in the city,” says Pascal Blum. “But our top priority is driving pleasure.”

Unique thanks to customized production

For a starting price of 1,699 Euros in Germany, unu’s buyer can choose among 6 different colours of paint, 3 differently coloured synthetic leather seat covers and three motor variants. The unu scooter can be conveniently configured and ordered online 24/7 at the website. Customers can choose either the entry-level unu model with 1,000 Watts, the all-rounder with 2,000 Watts or the topmost motorization with 3,000 Watts, each with either one or two rechargeable battery packs.
The name “unu” comes from Esperanto and means “one” or “unique” – because each unu is individually manufactured. Approximately five to eight weeks after the order has been received, the scooter is ready to roll and can be boxed and delivered directly to the purchaser’s doorstep.

Affordable e-mobility via a new business model

unu relies on the unprecedented combination of direct sales and customized serial manufacturing so the products can be offered at an appealing cost-benefit ratio. The scooter industry’s conventional business model includes many expense factors, e.g. distributors’ margins, storage costs, risk premiums and multiple deliveries. unu reduces these expenses because each scooter is manufactured only after it has been ordered and is afterwards delivered directly to its final customer.

From a start-up to a successful young company

The Munich-based start-up is supported by renowned partners and investors, for example, the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Technical University of Munich, as well as by the European Union and the government of the State of Bavaria. The product development is financed by local business angels and the well-known Silicon Valley investor Michael Baum. All scooters are certified by the TÜV Rhineland according to the most rigorous German quality standards. unu offers a two-year guarantee on the scooter and the batteries.
For more information and to book a test drive go to our website.

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