unu Scooter Service

The unu Scooter & unu Classic: Important documents for a smooth service. On this page you will find all the documents necessary for servicing and maintaining the unu scooter, as well as FAQ-like articles which explain some technical particularities of the new unu Scooter.
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unu scooter general information/ Electronics

Short Circuit Prevention

Internal Batteries: Jump-Start Guide

Internal Batteries: Charging

Internal Batteries: Storaging the scooter


Factory Keycard

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unu scooter problems

This section deals with the most common issues on the field with the unu scooter.
Select below the problem you have. It will open a field with further information and a direct links to diagnosis steps.
Please check the above FAQ about the basic functions and logic of the unu scooter.

unu scooter error code table

Battery Error: B33 Solution

unu scooter does not start - part 1

unu scooter does not start with a full 12V-AUX-Battery - part 2

unu scooter does not recognise main batteries

unu classic problems

current unu classic issues

unu classic compatibility TWS Battery


Contact for Spare Part Order & Technical Support

Spare parts orders can be requested by telephone or in writing:
By telephone: +49 30 220 1212 99 (09:00 - 17:00)
Please use this sample and fill it in:
Brief description of defect:
optional part number/name and quantity:
optional Warranty claim: yes/no
If you have further questions that cannot be solved with the documents provided, the technical service can be contacted by the technical phone line or in writing:
By phone: +49 30 220 1212 92
If pictures or videos of the diagnosis are available, please send them directly via mail.

Backend Documents