Published at 12/8/2022 – Urban Traffic

Lack of parking spaces in big cities: The electric scooter as a true miracle of space

Does the following scenario ring a bell? You're already a little late this morning and would make it to the office in time if it weren't for the tiresome search for a parking space... Yes? Well, that’s because the lack of parking spaces is one of the biggest problems in the urban cityscape and can even cause a lot of stress. But we have some information that might cheer you up!

The lack of parking spaces in the big city: You’ll pay in time and nerves

More and more people are moving to well-known cities – and their cars often move with them. The result is: parking space is becoming scarce, and searching for it is often nerve-wracking. According to a survey by the analysis company Inrix from 2017, in Frankfurt am Main alone, every driver spent around 65 hours a year looking for a parking space. The wasted time, the additional fuel, and the unnecessary exhaust emissions caused by the search for a parking space are also expensive. This behavior costs more than 40 billion euros annually, 896 euros per driver.
Parking is becoming increasingly expensive, as most cities want to reduce the high number of cars. Long story short: The lack of parking spaces in German cities makes driving time-consuming, nerve-wracking, and expensive. Time to make your life a little easier!

Going against the lack of parking space – with an electric scooter!

Of course, you could use public transport… Packed trains, late buses, and changed stops - who doesn’t love that? How about an alternative that is more fun and environmentally friendly instead?
With an electric scooter, the ride becomes an exceptional experience. E-scooters from unu have a range of up to 100 km (with two batteries). You can quickly charge the batteries at home overnight or at the office (during the day). Lack of parking space? No longer an issue because you can park your electric scooter in any gap, no matter how small. Of course, you should ensure you don't block any sidewalks. You can only park on the sidewalk if the appropriate signs permit this. Nevertheless, you are much more flexible than other drivers, which is a priceless advantage, especially in the city.

Bye bye parking space hustle: This is how you can use the time you saved.

Instead of taking the car or the bus, you’ll drive your unu Scooter in the morning, park it right in front of the office, and notice: Oh, I'm too early. For this unusual case, we have collected a few ideas on how you can use the time saved:
  • Take a quick walk around the block. It wakes you up and you’ll burn a few calories, which you can then eat up again with a chocolate croissant at the bakery.
  • Take a power nap at your desk and be ready for once when the job starts.
  • Visit the nearest kiosk and fill out a lottery ticket. Because you know: (free) time is money!
  • Start shopping for dinner and research an offbeat recipe that will surprise and impress your loved ones in the evening. Your purchases can easily be stored under the seat. If you want to go to the gym beforehand, you can fit your sports bag. Now there are no more excuses!