What should you check regularly on your unu Scooter Pro ?

To ensure that you are always safe on the road, you should regularly carry out personal checks on your electric scooter. Here is a brief overview:
  • Check the handlebars: Move the handlebars from side to side completely. The movement should be fluid, and there should be no stiffness or resting points.
  • Check the brakes: This is critical because only a properly functioning brake ensures that you can get from point A to point B safely. Squeeze both brake levers to ensure smooth operation with no stiffness or dead points. None of the levers should reach the handlebars and should return to their original position quickly when released. It is normal for the brakes to squeak slightly after a long period of inactivity, and this will go away with regular use.
  • Check lights: First check the left and right turn signals. Then, with the kickstand down, pull each brake lever individually to see if that activates the brake light.
  • Check tire pressure: A fully inflated tire should have a pressure of 2.8 bar. It is not safe to drive with tire pressures below 2.0 bar. As the pressure gradually decreases over time, regular checks are required. Signs of low tire pressure include reduced stability, harsher steering, reduced range and increased tire wear.
When should I have an inspection?
A routine check of your e-scooter's  functionality does not replace a thorough inspection. Of course, you should have this done on a regular basis.
The first inspection is due in one of the unu partner workshops after the first 500 kilometers. After 4,000 kilometers or 12 months, whichever comes first, another inspection is required.In all other cases, the indicator lights on your electric scooter and the Unu Pro user manual and Unu Move user manual provide a good indication of when another inspection or a professional check by the partner workshop is required.
In conclusion, riding your unu scooter Pro can be a pleasurable experience during the scooter season. If you encounter any issues, the indicator lights provide helpful information, and the user manual guides you on how to resolve them. To ensure safety, regularly check handlebars, brakes, lights, and tire pressure. Schedule inspections with unu partner garages after specific distances or time intervals. By following these steps, you can confidently enjoy your electric scooter rides throughout the season. Happy scooting!

Indicator lights on electric scooters: what do they mean on unu scooter Pro?

If something is wrong with your Pro , you will see an error message or an error code. This way, you’ll not only know what the problem is, but also how you can solve it. All error codes are listed in detail in the user manual.
Do you want an example? If B1 is displayed, it means that the battery is overheating. Then please get in touch with one of the partner garages. E4 indicates that motor acceleration is disabled. Then simply release your grip on the throttle and accelerate again. B32 implies that the battery is not responding. Please wait for 30 seconds before removing the battery and waiting another minute. If the problem persists, please contact [email protected]. In general, if you have issues with your scooter, the unu partner garages are always available to help! Please do not attempt to perform repairs on your own as this may void your warranty.