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Do you want to discover a new way to explore your city? With our electric e-scooter, you choose the fastes, silent, and most sustainable way to get from A to B. Join the unu community in Cologne.

Glide through Cologne on an electric scooter by unu

Köln on an E-Moped – on two wheels through the Veedel

Köln – that’s the famous “Kölner Dom” and a “Kölle Alaaf” for carnival. But Köln is so much more than that. It's best to get an impression of Köln and its hip corners without looking for a parking space or getting stuck in endless traffic jams. By simply booking a test drive with one of our pioneers in Köln - free of charge, of course, and available for both models: unu Pro and unu Move.
And off you go: off to Ehrenfeld, enjoy the street art or make a stopover in one of the trendy cafés (if you buy something: the unu has enough storage space under the seat). Maybe the e-moped will soon be part of your everyday life in Köln - welcome to the unu team!

Are you ready to discover Cologne from a new perspective?

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Why should Cologne choose unu electric scooters?

Cologne: Get to know our unu Pioneers

Get to know Manfred our Pioneer from Cologne, who explains everything you need to know about the unu Pro and the unu Move and the test ride.
Get to know Manfred

A lot of flexible payment options

You can purchase the unu scooter directly or in installments via credit card, PayPal, Klarna, or with finance a bike. But you can also choose our unu scooter subscription, including insurance and yearly inspection. It's your choice.
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Always a garage nearby in Cologne

Unlock city life in Cologne with ease, on an unu electric scooter. Our garage is conveniently located at Cologne Neustadt-Süd. So go ahead and can explore the city’s cathedrals, museums, and squares without worrying about technical service.
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