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Fancy a new way to explore your city? With our e-scooter, you choose the fastest, quietest and most sustainable way to get from A to B. Become part of the unu community and experience the thrill of riding in Dresden.

Cruising through Dresden on an electric scooter and experiencing your city

Dresden, the baroque and museum city, also bears the affectionate nickname Elbflorenz. And for a good reason: magnificent buildings, gardens, and world-class museums are strung together like pearls on a string. Dresden is a melting pot of exciting history, captivating architecture, and unique art - all in one place. 
But who are we telling? You know your city best. That's why we will stop gushing now and get down to business. Especially in a city like Dresden, with its 560,000 inhabitants, an unu e-scooter is perfect. When the city is flooded with tourists again, you can cruise around the main roads in a relaxed way. On small alleys and the city's beautiful streets, you can casually meander to your destination. Even searching for a parking space is a thing of the past with your e-scooter. 
If something does go wrong, you can contact our unu partner workshops, which will get your e-scooter back into shape in no time at all in Dresden.
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Why should Dresden choose unu electric scooters?

Dresden: Get to know our unu Pioneers

Our unu pioneers, like Alexander, Pioneer in Dresden, are unu electric scooter experts. They provide unbiased opinions about the unu experience and help you choose the best model for your needs. When you meet them for a test ride, they'll address all your questions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable electric scooter experience. All you need is an Id card, a driver's license, and a lot of anticipation
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Many flexible payment options

Interested in buying an unu scooter? You have a few payment options. You can pay directly, use your credit card, PayPal, or Klarna for installments, or finance a bike. For a convenient and worry-free option, consider our subscription, which includes insurance and yearly inspections. The choice is yours!
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Always a workshop near you

Looking to ride worry-free in Dresden? You're in luck! There will always be a garage nearby for your unu scooter. In fact, there is one located in the heart of the city, near the zoo. And if you ever need to travel further, don't worry. There is a big garage network available throughout Germany
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