Published at 11/13/2022 – Electric scooter

Catalog of fines for electric scooters – a few things you should consider!

With an electric scooter, you can enjoy the freedom of cruising through the city in a super relaxed manner and get to your destination with a green conscience. But which specific rules apply to e-scooter drivers? Which penalties in the electric scooter catalog of fines await you if you don't follow the rules? In this article, we have compiled all the information for you.

Bußgeldkatalog Elektroroller: Die wichtigsten Regeln im Überblick

Catalog of fines for electric scooters: the most important rules at a glance
With all the fun and the easy way of driving it, you should always keep in mind: Your e-scooter is still a two-wheeled motor vehicle with a top speed of 45 km/h. With that, you have to obey the same traffic rules as, for example, motorcycles and mopeds. The most important include the following:
  • You cannot use your electric scooter on the road without a driver's license (you can find more information below). If you do so, you risk a fine or even imprisonment.
  • Helmets are always compulsory. You should only wear helmets designed for motorcycling: A bicycle helmet is not enough for an e-scooter.
  • You can use your electric scooter with a driving license on public roads. However, you are not allowed to drive on the Autobahn. This is only permitted for motor vehicles that reach a minimum speed of 60 km/h.
  • You can only ride your e-scooter in pairs if there is a special seat for the passenger (as it is the case with unu models, for example).
  • You are only allowed to drive your electric scooter on the street. Footpaths and cycle paths, as well as pedestrian zones, are a no-go. Areas that indicate with a traffic sign that motor vehicles are allowed to enter are excluded. Here, however, walking speed applies.
  • As with all motorcycles, daytime running lights are also compulsory for electric scooters in Germany. So you must drive with daytime running lights on (or low beams). By the way: With the unu e-scooter, the light is always on and does not have to be actively switched on or off.
  • Unsurprisingly, it is forbidden to ride the electric scooter hands-free.
  • In addition, like all other road users, you must adhere to the speed and alcohol limits. The parking regulations also apply to owners of electric scooters. Whereby regulatory authorities may sometimes turn a blind eye when parking your electric scooter in certain areas. But you shouldn't rely on that.

E-scooter driver's license: at least driving license class AM

To drive an e-scooter with a speed of 45 km/h, you need at least a driving license class AM. The minimum age for purchasing this driver's license is 15 years nationwide (this regulation has been in effect since July 2021). However, with your AM driving license, you can only drive domestically at 15. If you are caught driving an electric scooter at the age of 15 abroad, you may have to face a charge of driving without a license. If you have a category B driver's license, you are automatically entitled to drive an electric scooter on public roads. More information about electric scooter driving licenses can be found here.

Catalog of fines for e-scooters: Driving around without a driver's license?

If caught riding an electric scooter without the required license, the offense will be punished as a “driving without a license”. This is a criminal offense (not a misdemeanor). The catalog of fines for electric scooters provides for either a fine or even a prison sentence of up to one year!

Electric scooter catalog of fines: Driving around without a helmet?

This is not a criminal offense but a misdemeanor. This means it is not a crime in the legal sense. Nevertheless, you will probably get a fine if you take part in traffic on your e-scooter without a helmet. The penalty is 15 Euros. If you’re transporting your child without an appropriate helmet, the catalog of fines stipulates a warning fine of 60 Euros.

Electric scooter catalog of fines: Violations and penalties at a glance

So there are some cases and administrative offenses that are listed in the catalog of fines for electric scooters and are provided with corresponding warnings. We have compiled the most important ones for you here in the table for an overview: