E-mobility funding – Support for green driving: Find out everything about the most popular subsidies for your electric scooter

Using e-mobility, aka jetting through the city with an electric scooter in an environmentally friendly way, is a good thing, but initially an investment. All the better that various funding programs will help you with the financing. There are several grants for companies and private individuals. We’ll tell you everything about it!

More e-mobility for companies & their employees

Future-oriented companies are increasingly focusing on sustainability and are aligning their companies with nature and environmental protection. Last but not least, this is also worthwhile for companies from an economic point of view: According to a study by LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg), sustainable companies are more successful and economically more profitable than companies that do not operate sustainably. Electric scooters as company vehicles for employees are therefore very much en vogue.
Companies granting their employees the opportunity to drive to work on an electric scooter in a climate-friendly and wonderfully relaxed manner can look forward to quite some advantages. An e-scooter as a company vehicle with subsidies is cheaper to buy and keep as scooters running on petrol or diesel engines. The whole thing in numbers: With an electric scooter from unu, you don't even pay 1€ per battery charge for a 100 km range with the average German electricity tariffs! The fact that there is no need to search for a parking space and you will be less or not at all stuck in traffic jams will undoubtedly contribute to your good mood and productivity!

Where can I find the current funding programs for electric scooters?

Most funding programs place certain conditions on applicants. Important: A funding application should be made before purchasing the electric scooter. Therefore, before you buy your e-scooter, you should find out exactly whether you are supported in your city and what requirements you have to meet.
Here you will find a list of funding opportunities in Germany and Austria because many federal states and cities also offer special e-mobility funding programs that make it possible for people on a tighter budget to buy an e-scooter.

Can you also count on subsidies as a private buyer?

As a private buyer, you can count on subsidies. However, the regional subsidies depend on the will of the federal state. In some regions, free charging stations are provided or the city itself lends electric scooters. The cities in Germany that grant funding include Munich, Erlangen, Göttingen, Hagen, Lüdenscheidt, Mainz and Würzburg.
Another financial advantage: As a driver of an e-scooter, you are exempt from vehicle tax and only need an insurance license plate.
Conclusion: Electric scooters and other environmentally friendly and flexible means of transport are becoming increasingly popular and are subsidized by the federal and state governments. There are purchase premiums for electric cargo bikes, financial support when buying e-scooters, and more funding opportunities for electric scooters like our unu scooter. Although the subsidy programs for electric scooters are not yet as diverse as those for e-cars, there are a few points of contact you can contact before buying an e-scooter.
Even if there is no nationwide subsidy program for purchasing an e-scooter, there are still bonuses. You can find out here which places and companies attract visitors.