Hanover - Get to know Gerrit

Our local unu expert, Gerrit, is super friendly and always ready to give you the inside scoop on all the different models. When you take one out for a test ride, Gerrit will be there to answer any and all questions you might have, so you can just focus on having fun! Just remember to bring your ID card, driver's license, and a healthy dose of excitement for this awesome adventure in Hanover!
How long have you been a Pioneer, and what do you like about it / what is particularly exciting?
Since July 2022. I like to be in contact with people and improve my life. I recommend the unu scooter. I like to explain and explain well.
Can you give us an insight into your day as an unu Pioneer? / What does a typical day with the unu Scooter look like for you, and how do you use the unu Scooter for yourself? 
I use it to drive to work, which is 3 km away at the Linden harbor, and during my lunch break and/or after work in the summer, I use it to drive to my allotment in Ahlem or to the canal for a swim. I have to go to the city center on business from time to time and am grateful not to have to look for or pay for a parking space.
How do your test drives typically go? 
I first introduce myself and try to discover how the interested person became aware of unu and what they would like to use the scooter for.
Then I explain the functions, focus on the advantages and unique selling points, and ask how much experience the person has with scooters.
After checking the driver's license, I explain where the person can best drive around and what he should pay attention to when driving. After the test drive, I explain the technical details, the possibilities of financing, and the possibility of funding.
After I have answered all open questions, I say goodbye in a friendly manner and draw up the minutes.
Who usually signs up for test drives? 
Well-off people between the ages of 22-42.
Have the test riders had any previous experience with (e)scooters?
50% already had a test drive with another e-scooter. One person had the previous model and might want to upgrade. 
What is something that surprises the test drivers? 
The acceleration and the good brakes!
What do you like best about unu and the unu Scooter?
A few things: The fact that you can turn the scooter on and off with the app. The acceleration that it is quiet, and the large helmet compartment. 
As an insider of your city, which places would you recommend your test riders try out the unu scooter? / Is there a particular route you recommend to your test riders or a place you like to test ride, and why?
Large parking lots are the best place to practice with people who have never ridden a scooter. I do this on the Linden market square since I live nearby.
What are your favorite places to ride the unu Scooter?
Through Linden, linden harbor to Ahlem to my allotment garden. 
What is the average feedback from test riders after trying our unu scooter? 
Positive aspects like the fast acceleration, good brakes, the nice design, and the large helmet compartment. The battery also convinces with practical aspects; the app is also perceived as good. The price and the range are somewhat less convincing. 
Have you ever recommended family and friends to test drive or buy an unu scooter? 
Yes, but unfortunately, no one is interested yet, but that can still come :) 
What is your most interesting experience with test drivers so far?
So far, nothing spectacular except the consistently quite positive feedback. One was so excited and full of anticipation after the test drive and so happy about the purchase that he sent me another three photos as he unpacked it and how it looked at night and in the sunshine 😅
Can you give tips and tricks on what (new) unu drivers should look out for? 
When starting, lean forward and do not give too much gas. When braking, lean back a little. First, at a walking pace, slowly drive a few serpentines to get a feeling for the center of gravity, and the steering, with a 2nd person on the back, always shift the weight together in the curves!

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