Electric scooter test

How does the unu e-scooter drive?
More and more e-scooters are appearing on Germany's roads - for the sake of the environment. But is it really just for the sake of the environment? Or can the scooter do even more? We took a close look at the unu e-scooter...

The electric scooters from unu in the test

First of all, the question: Which unu scooter should it be? There is namely a model in two variants. The unu Scooter Move offers a 2,000-watt motor, and the unu Scooter Pro has a 4,000-watt motor. Regardless of which model appeals to you, it's clear when you look at both unu scooters that the focus here is on the intuitive operation and a futuristic, elegant design. Good, because, after all, the eye goes with the ride!

The driving pleasure:

The electric scooters from unu are relatively light models with approx. 80 kilograms and accordingly easy and agile to drive. Whether professional or starter, with the unu, every:r gets along. Our scooters go up to 45 km/h; the acceleration is outstanding but never jerky. This is not the least due to the built-in batteries. Unlike other manufacturers, unu relies on real quality: The removable batteries come from LG and has 1.78 kWh in our unu Pro (the battery of the unu Move is from has even 1.81 kWh) and a range of up to 50 kilometers. Since there is easily room for a second charged battery under the seat, the range is increased to up to 100 km for both models.
Cruising through the city with the unu is really fun. It's quiet, traffic jams and lack of parking spaces are no longer an issue. And you always feel safe, the brakes grip quickly, and all our models corner well. Still: always be careful on wet roads, streetcar tracks, and rolling gravel! 

The battery:

Always in search of a charging station? Not with an electric scooter from unu! The battery can be easily charged at home or in the office via a standard socket. The complete charging process from zero to 100 percent takes around seven hours, so it works wonderfully overnight. And just because the battery is not a no-name product but comes from the brand manufacturer LG, you can look forward to a long lifetime (about 7-10 years).

Plenty of space

Regardless of your needs - company, bag, laptop, sports gear - there's plenty of room on and under the seat. Footrests can be folded out for the passenger while driving and provide the rear wrap-around handle on the edge of the seat support. 

Special features of the unu Scooter Pro:

With our unu Scooter Pro model, the keycard can also be replaced with the unu app - no stress and super easy. Of course, you can also unlock your unu Scooter Pro with the included key card. You can also get more information about rides, your scooter, and the batteries from your app; plus, there is now the option to hibernate the scooter so that it lasts longer without a battery - all including an over-the-air update!

Special features of the unu Scooter Move:

The unu Scooter Move is less app-based. Here, the scooter is unlocked quite classically with the key, and with just one button press, the seat flap, if you ever have your hands full and want to store your shopping in the scooter. Nothing works without a display on our unu Scooter Move - the LED display provides you with all the information about speed, battery status, and kilometers driven.