Our mission: less air emissions! (Or how to improve the climate with unu electric scooters)

Our favorite color? Clearly: green! At least in terms of lifestyle. Climate neutrality, climate protection, and green living are part of our vocabulary in 2022. E-mobility ensures that the whole thing doesn't just remain a boring theory but that we can actively do something for a better climate. Interested? Then let's take a look at some numbers!

Air emissions: a global urban environmental problem

In 2020, around a third of the entire world population rated air pollution as the second most important environmental issue in their home country. In 2020, carbon dioxide emissions of around 644 million tons were caused in Germany. That's still unbelievable, but compared to 1990, the values ​​have already fallen by a third. The CO₂ emissions per inhabitant in Germany have also decreased noticeably over the past 30 years. A success to which electromobility can continue to contribute!
But air emissions are still a significant problem in German cities. Petrol mopeds, in particular, pollute the air more than cars in some places!
This is primarily the case in Asia, Africa, and southern Europe, but scooters with combustion engines do not positively affect our climate in Germany either. There are currently almost two million petrol mopeds with high emissions on the road in this country. With a 125 cc petrol engine and 6 liters of petrol, you can travel 100 km, but the environment falls by the wayside - if we are serious about climate protection, you should start rethinking.

Electric scooters from unu: your partner for a greener lifestyle in the city!

Go green - with your unu Scooter! With an electric scooter from unu you also have a range of 100 km (with two batteries) without polluting the environment as much as with a petrol-powered scooter.
You can quickly charge the batteries at home on the charging station! All you need is a standard power outlet. Our primary goal is to make the entire unu Company climate-neutral in the future. That is why the emissions generated during the production of unu scooters have been offset since 2020. Until April 2022, we worked with ClimatePartner and created a product carbon footprint from the recorded data on the CO₂ emissions of the scooters, batteries and charging stations. Raw materials, packaging, logistics, and disposal are also taken into account. To offset our CO₂ emissions, we support several recognized climate protection projects certified according to international standards, such as forest protection in Germany and the protection of the Amazon. Since May 2022, we have been working with PlanA to achieve our goal of being a climate-neutral company.

Your environmental conscious will be rewarded with unu scooters

With an electric scooter, you are not only emission-free on the road, but you can also look forward to further benefits. First of all, you get through the city wonderfully quietly and can hear the sound of your city. Neither the annoying commuter traffic nor the tedious search for a parking space are things that you have to worry about anymore. In addition, you have plenty of space on your unu and can take an excellent companion, your laptop, and everything else with you. Last but not least, your unu Scooter also looks amazing, the design is minimal and unique. And even if our favorite lifestyle color is green, you can choose between three amazing colors here. Rarely has it been so much fun to do something good for the environment.

More simple tips to increase your green footprint

If you already drive an electric vehicle, you have taken an important first step towards a more sustainable life. That's simply not enough for you and you want more? Here are a few simple tips for your new green lifestyle:
  • Visit a Repair Café: Broken and gone? No way! Try repairing it first. It doesn't matter whether it's broken electrical appliances, furniture, clothes or bicycles; the experts at the Repair Cafè will surely fix it!
  • Get green insurance: Electricity tariffs and checking accounts were the pioneers, now there are also some sustainable insurances. Get advice and live a little greener.
  • Send green e-mails: Yes, even email providers are now available in green. They get their electricity from green eco-suppliers, and they attach great importance to data protection. For example, Ecosia is an ecological search engine that is the 8th most used search engine in the world.