UNU celebrated its 10th anniversary with a limited edition "Silver Eclipse" scooter

We thought of something special for you to celebrate our company anniversary and launched the limited edition "Silver Eclipse" unu scooter. We thank you for joining us on our journey and supporting us for the last decade.
In 2013, our three founders, Mathieu, Pascal, and Elias embarked on a journey in Munich with a vision to revolutionize urban mobility and enhance people's experience of city life. They toiled day and night to bring their idea to life. Over time, unu's sleek and eco-friendly e-scooters have become a sought-after means of transportation in urban areas and established the brand as a reputable player in the e-mobility industry.
In 2023, We celebrated the 10th anniversary with you all with the introduction of a special design scooter named "Silver Eclipse."This electric scooter was available as a limited edition from April 20 to May 7, 2023. Each scooter is marked with a unique serial number, of which xx scooters were produced. It is, therefore, not just a scooter but a piece of history. Everyone who has Silver Eclipse has something one-of-a-kind. 

Why "Silver Eclipse"?

A lunar eclipse is a remarkable phenomenon that can profoundly affect our lives. Similarly, switching to an e-scooter can be a far-reaching and life-changing decision. Riding on two electrically powered wheels and traveling at a speed of 45 km/h, you can leave behind the traffic jams and the frustrations that come with them and experience the city in a new way. 
With a scooter, you can go where you want, when you want - without worrying about finding a parking space or relying on buses and trains. Once you've experienced the convenience and efficiency of a scooter, you'll never want to go back to traditional transportation. The limited edition "Silver Eclipse" scooter is a beautifully designed mode of transportation and a symbol of your commitment to an environmentally conscious lifestyle.  The name silver eclipse also resonates with this scooter design. Like a lunar eclipse, the matte black color on the scooter's body transitions into a sparkling grey. The color change with its clear arc resembles the crescent of the moon as it passes through the shadow of the earth, separating the two hues. Provided with its serial number, each scooter is unique - making it a collector's item. 
In addition to the unique design that is guaranteed to catch everyone's eye, the scooter is equipped with features such as an LCD display, app connectivity, and a stylish unu battery. The powerful Bosch motor with 3 kW makes it possible to move around the city swiftly.

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