Making the right Move

unu is introducing its most recent scooter, the unu Scooter Move: a modern, emission-free and fun electric scooter.
Have you ever felt that “Classic” times were the best? If yes, then we have great news for you. unu is going back to its roots and launching a new e-scooter in the market. Introducing “unu Scooter Move”- a modern, emission-free and fun electric scooter.  
The good news is that it still has an iconic unu design and unique look. No complex technology but just simple, pure driving pleasure and green conscience. Meaning the scooter won't have the app and cloud connectivity like the existing unu Scooter Pro. A rather perfect option for someone who prefers to have less screen time and still wants to commute quickly. 
We are launching the Move with new technical features like a double swing arm for smooth riding. You can find detailed tech specifications of this scooter here.
From 26th September 2022 onwards, the unu Scooter Pro will have an increased price. It is no news that the prices of spare parts, raw materials and logistics have been increasing worldwide. Industrial crises as such, are making a visible impact on many industries including e-mobility. 
Therefore unu is increasing the price of the unu Pro, in the next few days. If you are interested in purchasing an unu Scooter Pro while saving a few euros, now is the time. Purchase your unu Scooter Pro here.
Please note that while launching the unu Scooter Move, we already anticipated the industry developments, hence unu Scooter Move price will not be affected by this price increase.
If you still have some questions about the new unu Scooter Move or why unu does not offer 3kW scooters anymore here are some FAQs
It’s unfortunate that worldwide, e-mobility prices still continue to increase, even though for a while, unu refused to let price surge be a burden for our community. 
At this point, like many other companies in the industry, this change is inevitable for us. While worldwide price surge has an impact on the unu expenses, we are convinced that we can't compromise on quality. We sincerely hope that it’s visible through our efforts. 
Thank you for always being by unu’s side.  
Your unu team.

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