Making the right Move

Sometimes we wish we could go back to a simpler time. Without technology that constantly distracts us from living in the moment. Without apps that follow us every step of the way. That's why we created the unu Scooter Move, our base model. 
Available since fall 2022, the unu Scooter Move offers modern and emission-free driving fun. We took our unique design from the unu Scooter Pro and applied it to the Move. However, the focus is on pure driving fun and an uncomplicated, environmentally friendly ride from A to B. 
A special feature of the Move is the dual-swingarm, which gives extra comfort and stability. Tar, concrete, cobblestones, or gravel: no matter what the surface, you will have a pleasant ride and be able to take curves in comfort. The added comfort makes the Move a great choice for scooter-beginners and novices. 
The unu Scooter Move works without an app or cloud connection. This makes the Move the perfect option for commuters who want to focus on the ride without distractions. A classic key unlocks and locks the scooter and opens the seat compartment. 
The Move also has 45 liters of gross storage space under the seat – even with two batteries connected, you still have 33 liters of space for your stuff. That's plenty of room for a second helmet, a large backpack, or even a weekend's worth of groceries.
Like many other models on the market, the unu Scooter Move has a 2 kW motor. This makes the scooter particularly suitable if you are mostly on your own – for example, for your daily commute to the office. Of course, it's no problem to take a second person with you on the back seat. 
One battery charge will get you up to 50 km far. With a second battery, you can double the range to up to 100 km – so you can go for a ride. 
Living in the city without your own parking space? No problem! The unu Scooter Move's battery can be removed in a few simple steps and recharged at home or in the office. So you don't have to worry about how to charge your scooter in the city. You can find detailed tech specifications of this scooter here.

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