Testride with our Pioneer Pia from Frankfurt am Main

Get to know Pia - our Pioneer from Frankfurt am Main

Explore the possibilities of urban mobility with unu Pioneers! This article is about Pia, our pioneer from Frankfurt am Main, meeting you at the Merianplatz in Frankfurt am Main, and also a dedicated unu rider. Take a free test ride of the unu e-scooter and experience the freedom of electric transportation.
  • How long have you been unu Pioneer, and what is particularly exciting about it? I usually combine the test rides with my main job, so I often have test rides before or after work. Privately, I use the unu scooter in many different ways, for the way to work, meeting friends, or the trip to the open-air cinema or the nearest swimming lake. I also like to take friends with me on the back seat. What does a typical day with the unu scooter look like for you, and how do you use the unu scooter for yourself? That's not an easy question to answer because, during my test rides, I always orient myself very individually to the interests and needs of the customers. After a brief introduction, I usually explain the scooter's functions so that the test riders feel confident driving the scooter. Then the customers can get on the scooter and do a few laps, preferably in pairs. Finally, there is time for feedback and open questions from the test riders.
  • Who usually signs up for test rides? The audience for the test rides is very diverse, from students to retirees, I've had everyone on the scooter, and the professional backgrounds and lifestyles are also very varied.
  • Have the test riders had any previous experience with (e)scooters? The level of experience with (e)scooters is very different. I have had customers who have never been on a scooter before and very experienced scooter and e-scooter riders. So far, however, all customers have returned unharmed with their scooters.
  • What is the average feedback from test riders after trying our unu scooter? Often the test riders are surprised by how quiet the scooter is, how strongly it accelerates, and how quickly you get a safe riding feeling. I like unu's innovative yet minimalist approach and the great flexibility the scooter gives me. With the current model, I especially like that I now have even more storage space and can take my friends along super comfortably, thanks to the larger seat. And, of course, it's stylish too ;) Frankfurt has many corners that are suitable for a test drive. For absolute driving beginners, the huge parking lot of the ice rink is ideal, where you can first turn a few laps undisturbed. If you want to test yourself directly in Frankfurt's city traffic, you can come to the skate park at the ECB, where you can also try the scooter on a slight incline on the Honsellbrücke. I love to ride the unu scooter along the beautiful and busy Main riverbank. For example, on the way to the port 2 to Offenbach with the Frankfurt skyline in the back. But exploring the individual districts, such as Sachsenhausen, Bornheim, or the banking district with its skyscrapers, is fun with the unu Scooter because you can get everywhere in 15 minutes, and I always discover new corners and routes with the scooter. Most test riders come back from the test ride with big smiles and are thrilled by the easy handling and the absolute fun factor of riding the scooter due to the super acceleration. Everyone in my family or circle of friends has sat on my unu Scooter or borrowed it for an afternoon or a weekend. Some have gone on to buy a scooter themselves. Phew, these are very different experiences. Mostly it's the life stories of the test riders that I find so exciting. For example, I once had a test driver who had been retired for several years and traveled through Africa in his motor home. He generates electricity via solar panels on the roof. He wanted to buy an unu scooter (much lighter than standard scooters) to explore the area in a relaxed way on his local trips.
  • Do you have any tips for interested test riders? There must be more to consider when riding the unu Scooter, as it is very easy to handle. What I always remember is to use both brakes. For novice riders, I recommend doing a few laps or tours on quieter routes to get a good and safe feeling for the unu scooter, such as driving in curves.