E-mobility subsidy

Electric scooter subsidy programmes for companies

More and more federal states and cities are supporting companies in the purchase of electric scooters through purchase premiums, environmental bonuses and other subsidies. We keep a close look at these great developments and would be happy to provide you with further information on subsidies for the purchase of e-scooters that match your company.

Get support for the purchase of electric scooters for your company!

Why e-mobility for companies?

With electric scooters for your company and your employees, you benefit from all the advantages of e-mobility and make a statement for a better world. Future-oriented companies that represent and exemplify sustainable values are also becoming increasingly popular among employees and investors. 
Switching to renewable energies is an investment in our common future and will most likely have a positive impact on your company in the long term. According to a study (in German) by the LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg), sustainable companies are more successful and economically more profitable than non-sustainable companies.

Use electric scooters as company vehicles

Give your employees the opportunity to travel to work on a silent, electric and resource-saving vehicle. With subsidies, an e-scooter as a company vehicle is more cost efficient to buy and also many times more cost efficient on the road than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. With the average German electricity tariffs, you pay less than €1 per 100 km of battery charge. In addition, you and your employees are much more flexible on the road, you are not spending hours in traffic jams (which is especially interesting for urban real estate agents) and you are no longer dependent on public transport. On top of that, your employees will certainly be happy to have an environmentally friendly vehicle that they can use with a clear conscience and that does not require them to spend hours looking for a parking space.

Electric scooter subsidy programmes for companies: What offers are currently available for 2022?

To give you a precise overview of the federal states and cities in which you can hope to receive a subsidy for the purchase of your new electric scooter fleet, we have listed the latest subsidy programmes by city.
e-Mobility Subsidy
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E-mobility Subsidy

You would like to use electric scooters in your company in the future and are looking for subsidy programmes to reduce the costs of the transition?
Here you will find a complete overview of all subsidy opportunities for businesses as well as for individual users in Germany and Austria.
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