man on white unu e-scooter with helmet

Have you ever considered giving your employees an e-scooter as a company vehicle? E-scooters as business vehicles may provide tax benefits to your company - but not only that! Regular trips on unu e-scooters also positively affect the employees' mood (at least that is our experience). In the following, we’ve summarized all of those and many more benefits of switching to electromobility.

Tax Benefits: E-scooter for commercial Use

Electric vehicles, such as e-scooters and e-cars, are eligible for funding across the country. Depending on the federal state, different incentives are available to make the purchase of an e-scooter more appealing to businesses (you can find an overview of the support measures here). In addition to the premium incentives, there are some tax benefits to switching to electric company vehicles. However, it is important to distinguish whether electric scooters can be used privately or only as company vehicles.

E-scooters as part of the vehicle fleet for business purposes only

Electric vehicles, including electric scooters that are first registered by December 31, 2025, are tax-free for up to ten years. Converting to an electric fleet results in a significant financial advantage. Companies needing to be mobile in their daily operations (delivery services, field staff, etc.) may find purchasing unu e-scooters as company vehicles are tax-deductible.

E-scooter as a private company vehicle

Company cars are taxed monthly at 1% of the list price under the 1% rule, and an electric scooter that can travel up to 45 km/h is also considered a motor vehicle under traffic and tax law. Since 2020, significant tax breaks for electric vehicles have been in effect. As a result, unu promotes e-scooters in the same way that it promotes electric cars: the employee only has to pay 0.25% tax on the benefit in kind instead of 1% (+0.03% for every kilometer between the place of work and the place of residence).

Should I buy or lease a scooter for my employees?

Hard facts: This is how much money companies and employees can save by leasing