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Do you want to discover a new way to explore your city? With our electric e-scooter, you choose the fastes, silent, and most sustainable way to get from A to B. Join the unu community in Nuremberg.

Journey through Nuremberg on electric scooter- try unu

E Scooter & Nürnberg – does that go together? Sure it does! 

Nürnberg isn't as big as Berlin, but it's still damn cool! In addition to the interesting (and beautiful) Christmas market for tourists, you can also have a lot of fun here in summer. And preferably on an e scooter, because Nürnberg is just as cool as other big cities, but unfortunately also has the same parking problem. With the narrow unu e scooter you will always find the right gap on the way to the historic old town. Our pioneers will be happy to show you what other advantages an e scooter can have in Nürnberg - on a free test ride through the city.

Subsidy for your new e-scooter

The German government supports using e-vehicles through various incentives, and the THG quota is one of them.  With every year, you can get additional income for your e-scooter, and eventually, this bonus will potentially wholly pay off your purchase price! Here you can find all the further information.

Are you ready to discover Nuremberg from a new perspective?

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Why should Nuremberg choose unu electric scooters?

Designed in Berlin. At home in all cities.

No matter if you choose the unu Move or unu Pro, both scooters are designed in the unique unu style. Become part of the unu community, with more than a thousand unu riders already on Europe's roads.
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Always a garage nearby in Nuremberg

From the Kaiserburg to the Hauptmarkt, ride worry free and on your terms. Your flexible commute is backed up by our garage at the northwest corner of Nürnberg. Unu electric scooters have a vast network of service partners across Germany.
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A lot of flexible payment options

You can purchase the unu scooter directly or in installments via credit card, PayPal, Klarna, or with finance a bike. But you can also choose our unu scooter subscription, including insurance and yearly inspection. It's your choice.
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