Published at 10/2/2016

unu City Tape Kollektiv Turmstrasse

For the fourth unu City Tape unu teamed up with the DJ duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse from Hamburg.

The Hamburg duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse contributes to the “unu city tape” series with a 60 minute mixtape

Berlin, October 3rd 2016

Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann who together forms the Dynamic signed house/techno duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse, produces the fourth mixtape for the “unu City Tape” series. The seeds behind the successful collective were planted in 1998 where they independently were playing at the same party and inevitably became friends. Swapping records and doing parties together turned into a studio venture in 2000 and afterwards a shared flat in Turmstrasse - hence the name.
The unu is a result of combining innovative technology, timeless aesthetics and urban flair. It’s created for the city and the people urging to explore it. The unu City Tape is a series of mixtapes created by talented DJs influencing the city life in their respective cities. The mixtape by Kollektiv Turmstrasse launched by unu is the fourth in line and is the perfect soundtrack of driving through the city.
“We love the city and we love music. We see the city as our highway and music is the fuel that keep things moving. This is why we started our City Tape series in collaboration with local artists” says Elias Atahi, Co-founder and CXO.
It was the local record dealer who pushed Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann into releasing their first track “Turmstrasse” in 2001. Afterwards followed their debut album “Rebellion der Träumer”, a flood of remixes and latest the launch of the highly successful “Sry I’m Late EP”. The track “Sorry I am Late” from the latest EP became the Beatport’s “Top-selling Deep House Track” of 2015 and the #1 of “Longest Time In Global Top 10” plus the “Most Tagged Track of 2015”.
With the fourth mixtape lined up you are secured four hours of music while cruising through your city. Tune in and enjoy the sound of the unu City Tape collaborations on unu’s SoundCloud channel.

unu - the smart electric scooter

unu combines innovative technology with stylish aesthetics and urban flair. With their first product, the electric scooter with portable batteries launched in 2014, unu delivered for city residents a new mobility solution. City riding with the smart electric scooter means an environmentally friendly and practically noiseless journey.
The firm’s homepage allows the unu buyer to pick a configuration from six body colours and three options for the seat to personalize the electric scooter. The unu will be delivered directly to the customer’s front door. The affordability of the unu – from 1,699 Euro in Germany - is thanks to an e-mobility business model new in the automotive industry. With running costs of 70 Cent / 100 km the unu is also the most economical way of being mobile in the city.
The unu electric scooter is fitted with the KERS technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) familiar from Formula 1 race cars – an application of the brakes sends energy back to replenish the batteries. The batteries are portable and can be recharged at any 230 V power outlet. In several cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland anyone interested in experiencing this innovative technology for themselves can sign up for a test drive. These are organized through a strategically implemented network of unu Pioneers. In 2016 further European cities will be added to the list of those where an unu test drive is offered.
Since 2015 the unu crew is co-located in the Factory Berlin complex, a centre for start-up enterprises which is also the home of Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud and Freelectics. The young firm is expanding rapidly and now has a staff of almost forty. In addition there are over fifty unu Pioneers deployed to arrange test drives for potential customers.

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