Published at 5/31/2023

unu lowers prices for its e-scooters and offers extended subscription period

Berlin, 1 June 2023 – Berlin-based electric scooter manufacturer unu ( is lowering the prices of its e-scooters with a speed of up to 45 km/h as of now. The entry-level model unu Scooter Move with 2 kW is now available for €2,999, the unu Scooter Pro with a power of 4 kW can be purchased for €3,999. Subscription prices are also now discounted as well as available with a longer term.

unu lowers prices for its e-scooters and offers extended subscription period

  • Entry-level unu Scooter Move now available for €2,999 

  • Electric scooter subscription now available with 48-month term in Germany

  • unu Scooter with a maximum speed of 45 km/h and up to 100 km range with two batteries

unu Scooter from €2,999

The unu Scooter Move with its 2 kW motor is now available for €2,999, saving €500 on the previous price. Prices have also been lowered for the more powerful unu Scooter Pro with 4 kW of power: the scooter including battery and charger is now available for €3,999, a substantial reduction of €300. 
In Germany, customers also have the possibility to get a subscription for the scooter. It is available for a period of 36 or 48 months. In addition to the e-scooter, the subscription includes a charger and a battery as well as insurance, inspection and warranty for the vehicle. The subscription for the unu Scooter Move starts at €69 for 48 months, for the unu Scooter Pro at €99 per month. 

Stylish unu Scooter with large storage space

The two electrically powered scooters reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Thus, anyone with a car or scooter driver's licence can drive the electric scooter. The range of one battery is up to 50 km, another battery doubles the range up to 100 km. With 33.4 litres of storage space with two batteries connected, the unu scooters are among the models with the largest storage volume on the market. Enough space for two helmets, a large backpack or even the weekly grocery shopping.

Decrease of cost for global transportation

In recent months, not only have exchange rates developed positively for European companies, but the cost of global container shipments by ship has also fallen. After a price increase in 2022 due to the growing costs for global transports, it is now possible again for unu to ship products from Asia to Europe for a lower price. Due to the current inflation, unu has decided to pass on the decreased costs directly to customers and reduce the prices for the e-scooters. The price reduction is fixed for an indefinite period of time, allowing for a dynamic response to a changing market situation. 

About unu

unu is one of the leading German manufacturers for electric scooters. Founded in 2013 by Pascal Blum, Mathieu Caudal and Elias Atahi, the team designs the e-scooters in Berlin. The e-scooters are equipped with two different motors: The entry-level unu Scooter Move with a 2 kW motor and the fully connected unu Scooter Pro with a 4 kW motor. In addition to an under-seat storage capacity of 33.4 litres, the range of both models is up to 50 km, doubling to up to 100 km with a second battery. The e-scooters are currently available for purchase in Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands. The scooter subscription for a term of 36 or 48 months is currently available only in Germany. Recently, employees have been able to lease the e-scooters from the provider Lease-a-Bike as an alternative to a company bike. More information about unu and its products can be found at
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