unu x Tape That

With this limited edition of the unu Scooter Pro, the Berlin-based electric scooter manufacturer combines the scooter's clean lines and bright colors with its functional and minimalist design. The artist collective Tape That formed in 2011 and consists of five artists. Inspired by the possibility of creating something new from an everyday object, their medium of choice is usually tape. 
As a founding member of Tape That, artist Stephan Meissner, born in 1989, has helped shape the current of tape art worldwide. Since 2009, the artist has lived and worked in the capital city, where his works are characterized by straight lines and sharp contrasts. The artworks can be found nationally and internationally in a wide variety of places, such as exhibition spaces and galleries, but also in offices, nightclubs and abandoned buildings. Tape That has already collaborated with renowned institutions and companies in the past, e.g. the German Foreign Office and the Goethe Institute, Adidas, Google, Porsche, Lidl and SAP.

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