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Since founding UNU in 2013, our team has been on a mission to provide a better way to get around the city. From our office in Berlin Kreuzberg, we design and develop our stylish e-scooters. 
Like many great stories, this one starts with three friends: 
While studying abroad in China, Pascal discovered the benefits of riding a scooter: It was the most convenient way to get around the city instead of spending hours in a car stuck in traffic or squeezing into crowded subways. His school friend Elias is also in China at the same time, and the two exchange ideas on how to bring the electric scooters, which were already popular in China at the time, to Europe. Back in Germany, the two started working on their idea. 
Mathieu completed his semester abroad at the Technical University of Munich and met Pascal and Elias there. He was immediately enthusiastic about their idea and joined the project without hesitation. Shortly thereafter, the three officially founded unu and began developing the prototype. A few months later, the first product, the unu Scooter Classic, went on sale in 2014. Within a short time, unu became the market leader in Germany for electric scooters.
The best way to get around town
The next milestone for the young company was the development of the unu Scooter Pro. Feedback from existing customers was collected and used to develop a completely new electric scooter. In addition to the modern look and design, the main features are the large storage space and the large seat. In addition, the unu Scooter Pro can be connected to the specially developed app, which allows the scooter to be controlled via the app as well as over-the-air updates. 
With the Move, unu has taken a step back to its roots. Based on the company's first scooter, the unu Scooter Classic, the focus is entirely on the scooter and the ride itself - and unlike the Pro, not on connectivity and the app. For example, the Move can be turned on and off with a single button, and the display is reduced to the most important functions. The unu Move's dual-arm swingarm provides maximum stability and comfort on any surface. This makes the Move the perfect and reliable companion for everyday rides.
This is unu today
Driven by our mission to give you the best way to move through the city, we see ourselves as a premium European e-scooter brand. With our products, you'll stand out from the crowd and get to your next destination in style. Our goal is to make you smile. Every ride, every day. 
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