Published at 9/22/2023 – Electric scooter

Electric scooter weight: Finding the right balance for your electric scooter's weight and load capacity.

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Electric scooter weight: How heavy is my e-scooter?

When comparing different electric scooters, you'll notice that the dimensions are quite similar. However, the key distinction lies in their weight. The lighter e-scooters usually range from 90 to 100 kilograms, while the heavier models can impressively weigh up to 180 kilograms.
As for unu scooters, the unu Scooter Move model weighs 77 kilograms, and the unu Scooter Pro model comes in at around 84 kg. These unu scooters are considered lightweight, making them highly maneuverable and easy to handle.
But don't let their lightness fool you; unu scooters do not compromise on space. Quite the opposite, they provide ample room under the seat to accommodate a second battery, laptop, bag, sports equipment, and even two helmets. So, with unu scooters, you get the best of both worlds: lightweight and spaciousness.

Gewicht elektrische step: Hoeveel kilo kan mijn step vervoeren?

Vraag je je af hoeveel gewicht je e-scooter aankan? Ook hier zijn er grote verschillen op de markt. Over het algemeen kun je echter zeggen dat een elektrische scooter tussen de 150 en 200 kilogram kan dragen. De unu scooter is bijvoorbeeld zo gebouwd dat twee volwassenen er comfortabel op kunnen zitten en zonder prestatiebeperkingen door de stad kunnen cruisen. Hij heeft zelfs zijn eigen voetsteunen en handgreep.

Electric scooter style: A touch of futuristic minimalism with your unu scooter

Apart from the slim weight, the electric scooter from unu is also a visual highlight and just beautiful to look at. One main design focus is the round, futuristic and at the same time retro-inspired LED front light. The scooter also has beautiful LED lights at the back so that you can easily be seen in the dark. Overall, a futuristic and minimalist design prevails. Everything is kept very simple here: just three buttons and a maximum speed of 45 km/h are enough for pure driving pleasure. In addition, state-of-the-art features such as a key card instead of a key to unlock the scooter make the unu scooter something very special. The associated app, the integrated navigation system in the scooter screen, anti-theft protection and digital key sharing also show where urban mobility might be leading in the future.