Urban traffic: electric scooters against noise emissions in cities

Monday morning, the alarm clock rings; it's urgent. Quickly shower, have a coffee and let's go to the office!
Possible scenario: You're sitting in the car, annoyed. Next to you, a car is constantly honking and the traffic is endless. The week has just started, but you would like to lie in bed and pull the sheets over your head. Searching for a parking space in front of the office takes away the rest of your energy and leaves you wondering if you shouldn't have taken the overcrowded public train instead. Better: You’re getting on the unu electric scooter, driving to the office relaxed while enjoying the way as a pick-me-up and good mood booster.

Less noise emissions thanks to your unu scooter - an oasis of calmness on two wheels

Squeaking tyres, annoying honking, shrill bicycle bells – those who live in the city know that it isn’t exactly a quiet lifestyle. But even a huge city has a quieter sound, which unfortunately is mainly lost in the traffic noise. The electric scooters from unu are so quiet that you can suddenly hear the beautiful tones of everyday life again while driving. Birds chirping, street musicians and children laughing on the playground – if you are out and about with the unu scooter, you will enjoy the ride with all of your senses. This calm decelerates and turns the trip with the electric scooter into a me-time. According to the saying: The journey is its own reward. But unu scooters are not only quiet, they also ensure a really good city climate!

Electric scooters from unu = a clean alternative

Did you know that only in Germany there are around 2 million actively driving petrol mopeds? They are causing an additional high level of air pollution in the cities. If these were to be banned, this would reduce pollutants by up to eighty percent. The good news is: unu scooters are an environmentally friendly and at the same time stylish alternative. With two batteries, chargeable at any time at home or in the office, you can travel up to 100 km. Without any kind of emission and without noise. The battery is not only smart, it also looks really good and is taking a lot of prejudices from e-mobility. You are not dependent on charging stations, you are free and independent. At the same time, you drive cheaply because a battery takes you 50 km and costs you less than 50 cents. Unu scooters are maneuverable, accelerate quickly and are absolutely uncomplicated to use. Giving you a feeling of freedom in the city. And thanks to less noise emissions, a quiet timeout on two wheels.