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Okay, okay - admittedly: Bremen sometimes has a tough time. The city is overshadowed by the popular tourist metropolis of Hamburg. The smaller Bremen is occasionally forgotten. Completely unjustly, in our opinion. Because the beautiful city, not far from the North Sea, is just as maritime and Hanseatic. And: It offers so many beautiful spots.
For example, the Schnoor - Bremen's oldest district has little houses dating from the 1500s and 1600s. The Böttcherstrasse, the Romanesque St. Petri Cathedral, and the old town hall are also among the historic sights. Bremen is world-famous for the Bremen Town Musicians - a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster. Not necessarily a combo that makes you think of musical talent - but this animal gang from the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales is considered one of the city's most important sights. 
For those who prefer nature, there are excursions to the surrounding marshland, the botanical gardens, or a nice relaxing river cruise on the Weser. Either way, no matter what you're in the mood for today, every adventure in Bremen can be reached incredibly comfortably with an unu electric scooter.
Congestion and heavy traffic can't harm you. You meander relaxed through the small alleys or whiz along the country roads in the direction of nature: no stress - and no tedious search for a suitable parking space. 
And because you buy a really good service with unu, our professionals from the partner workshops in Bremen are always at your side when you need help. 
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Bremen: Get to know our unu Pioneers

Eva Piwowar, Bremen's premier unu electric scooter expert, is here to help you make the right choice! With Eva's unbiased opinions and extensive knowledge, you'll find the ideal unu model that suits your needs. During your test ride, Eva will gladly address all your questions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable electric scooter experience. Get ready to hit the streets of Bremen with your ID card, driver's license, and an abundance of excitement!
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Having options and flexibility in life, including payment methods, is crucial. We have PayPal, Klarna, credit card installments, Finance a Bike, and even monthly subscription options like unu Roller. It's great to have choices that suit our individual needs and preferences.
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We want you to feel at ease while cruising through your city, which is why we've partnered with expert mechanics from Bremen. Rest assured, if any issues come up, they'll be on hand to assist you.
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