Unlock city life

We build products that help you move around more freely and find the time and space you need to explore your city properly.
unu’s founders, Mathieu, Elias and Pascal, having lived in multiple megacities across the world intimately know the amazing possibilities of city life. They are inspired by the promise of the metropolis - the endless adventures that fuel all our senses. In parallel, they also experienced first-hand how limited city dwellers are in accessing the true potential of cities - due to the pains of urban mobility, which, at least for now, is slow, complicated, expensive and environmentally irresponsible. unu was born out of the need to solve this pain-point. 

Our vision

We created unu with the vision of enabling people to access the full potential of urban life.
And in 2020, we launched the next generation unu Scooter, based on feedback received from thousands of our valued customers. This unu Scooter is a result of over four years of design and development. It is designed with love, built for joy. 
This vision inspires us to design and develop the best mobility solutions that connect you with your city. In 2014, to deliver on this vision, we created the unu Scooter Classic. Still loved by thousands of happy riders, it created a unique community of unu riders and became a market leader in Germany.
Your ultimate urban companion.

“While fashions fade, great style is eternal. The makers of the new unu electric scooter apparently would agree.”

“The unu Scooter is a model for success.”

“E-mobility doesn’t have to be expensive.”

“With this scooter it feels like you’re flying!”

“unu: the pioneer among e-scooters”

“Will this be the Vespa of the millennials?”

Our company values

Our values are at the core of our organisation: they guide us in every single decision we make, from developing products to talking to our customers.

Driven to perform

Keep it Simple

Be Distinct

Make it fun

Are you a creative challenger?

Join our team.

Take a look and see if we’re looking for someone like you to help us build something really fun and a little bit different.

Perfect partnerships

We are lucky to be able to work with some of the best partners since our inception. Without our strong network of supporters and co-developers, our growth would have never been possible, so we are extremely grateful for these partnerships. Please meet some of the people and organizations that are supporting us and accompanying us on our journey.
We are also extremely grateful for the long-lasting support of our investors, who not only share our vision, but also share their immense experience, and have helped shape us along all steps of our journey.
During the early days of unu, and on an on-going basis, we received strong technical and financial support from state institutions that believe in us, and have confidence in the impact our products can have on society.
Views from our partner factory.
Our most important partners, however, are our customers and community of unu riders who inspire us every single day. We have been through many ups and downs throughout our journey, and we would have not been able to keep the belief in our vision without the meaningful connection we share with our unu riders.
Today, our products are produced in China in strong partnership with Banshing, Bosch and other partners. We selected each of our partnerships based on their high quality standards, fair working conditions and sustainable production methods that are in line with our vision to design a sustainable future.