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From A to anywhere with anyone

When we started designing our new scooters, we had a lot of valuable feedback to draw on: Thanks to thousands of unu riders insights on Europe's roads. The result: our e-scooters are the perfect fit for you.

Made for two - and all your stuff.

With room for two to sit comfortably, and space for all your stuff underneath, you’ll always be prepared for anything.

Fast, fun and zero effort.

The traffic-beating agility, fast acceleration and simple controls will get you across town and back quicker than any bike, bus or car could dream of. And in style.

100 km range

Travel up to 100 km with two batteries. That’s several days of exploring all your favorite nooks in the city. And a whole lot of commutes and errands. Without emissions, or noise.

unu Scooter Pro

With the unu Scooter Pro you get the full range of app support and Cloud Service. Keyless, with an app that regularly delivers new features. With 4kW, the Pro is one of the best performers in the e-scooter market, so you're always a step ahead of the others at the traffic lights. Zero emissions and 100% fun riding.

unu Scooter Move

You don't need an app and want to concentrate on driving? Then the unu Scooter Move is perfect for you! The unu Scooter Move, with its double swing-arm, offers the most incredible riding fun and stability, regardless of the surface. Comfort & a clear, green conscience. The Move is the perfect solution if you are switching to e-mobility.

Order online. Pick up at your doorstep.

Customize and order your unu Scooter online and we’ll deliver it ready-to-ride to your doorstep. Or book a test ride with us and take it out for a spin.

Designed in Berlin. At home in all cities.

A timeless and useful design, directly from the capital. The high aesthetic standards we set for all our scooter models. 
The unu scooter is the result of a unique combination of form, function and ease of use. That's why there are only three buttons, a top speed of 45 km/h and acceleration that is second to none. All made for the city.
Side view of white scooter's back
Thanks to extensive feedback from established unu riders, we are able to constantly adapt our scooters perfectly to city life.
Simplicity of function. Timeless in form.
To help deliver this riding experience, we work with best-in-class industry partners in Germany and beyond for the development and production of the unu Scooter. In addition, we have been offsetting the emissions of our production since 2020 and encourage our unu drivers to fill up with green electricity. Learn more about our mission: Climate-neutral mobility.
This vision is translated to every interaction the rider has with our scooter - it is designed thoughtfully simple so everyone can enjoy riding it. Want to finally have your own unu and are looking for the right funding? Here is more information.

Technical details


50 km with a fully charged battery, or 100 km with two

Storage volume

Enough space for up two batteries, 2 helmets and your belongings


Built comfortably for two with retractable footrests and a handle

Top speed

45 km/h


Portable, 10.5 kg Durability 7-10 years / 1,000 charging cycles Charging time maximum 7 hrs.


Hydraulic disc brakes in front and rear.

Driver’s license

Regular European car driver's license (B) and country-specific licenses

Charging costs

Less than €1 per 100 km 
How we calculate

Gear shift

Just one gear makes it really simple to learn to drive
What the others are saying

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Get ready

Always stay up to date – your unu App  You can connect your and Scooter Pro with our and app, which makes your scooter even smarter. For example, you can switch your scooter on and off via the app and always keep an eye on your battery level remotely. Download the app from the App Store for iOS or from the Google Play Store for all Android devices.
Always stay up to date – your newsletter For both models, it is worth subscribing to our newsletter. The newsletter always consists of three parts: unu news, our highlight of the month, and community appreciation. What exactly you can expect from it, you will see in the next newsletter.
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