Where can I get my e-scooter repaired – unu specialized garages

Life with an electric scooter from unu is simple and hassle-free.  Batteries can simply be charged at home or in the office via the normal socket, the range is up to 100 km and there is also enough space to transport everything important. But what to do if your unu electric scooter has to be inspected or has problems? Well, we try to make your life worry-free with a vast network of e-mobility specialist garages and repair workstations with seamless service. 
In this blog post, we take you through everything you need to know about electric scooter inspection, repairs and maintenance at our specialized e-scooter garages and partner workshops.

E-scooter specialist workshops & Garages: Find your unu partner workshop!

Whether it's a regular inspection of your e-scooter or a repair, unu works with numerous Bosch partner garages. You and your e-scooter are in the best hands there. Important note: Please do not try to repair anything yourself or take your e-scooter apart; otherwise, your warranty will be voided. You can find the nearest partner workshop in your area here.

Our cooperation with partner electric scooter garages 

We want to be in close contact with our partner garages and get direct feedback - because this feedback comes not only from the technical side, but also indirectly from all unu riders on the streets. Therefore, since the end of last year, we have a new team member whose focus is on our partner garages. Nevertheless, since we cannot talk to all garages on a daily basis, and they also want to focus on repairing vehicles, we regularly conduct surveys. 
This allows us to build relationships with those who know both the scooters and their owners and to continue to improve with the help of feedback. 

Partner electric scooter garage Südkreuz, Berlin 

Our total of 219 partner workshops extend far beyond the city limits of Berlin, Germany. However, one workshop we would like to introduce is located in the capital city of Germany.
We met with Peter, whose focus was actually solely on cars since he was 18 years old. When a friend bought an unu about 1.5 years ago and asked for advice, Peter thought "Why don't I try my hands on e-scooters?".  Over the last few months, Peter has decided to make repairing and inspecting unu scooters his personal project - his focus is now on unu scooters. He is acquiring knowledge, building his inventory and enjoying the challenge of doing something new. His two mechanicals continue to take care of (electric) cars. Since he sees the future in the e-sector, he also promotes further training for his employees so they can work on e-cars while he takes care of the scooters. Over time, he has gained knowledge and met many unu riders, as he had several unu scooters in his workshop for inspection and repairs since the start.
By working with e-vehicles, Peter wants to stay future-proof because he believes that the future will be one thing: electric - we definitely agree on that! Repairing e-scooters also doesn't require any additional qualifications, unlike repairing e-cars, and according to Peter, e-scooter repairs and inspections are no more difficult than other repairs.  In general, electric vehicles require much less maintenance because there are fewer tear and wear parts: no spark plug changes, no oil changes, no clutch maintenance, and less brake wear due to recuperation. Peter rides Matte Black unu scooter Pro himself.  Peter's tip for your unu: protect your scooter as much as possible from rain and come to Peter once a year for inspection (jokes aside, other partner garages in Berlin are allowed too). 

What are e-mobility specialist garages for in general?

In Germany, there are a large number of specialized garages for e-mobility. This is a good sign because you can see from this that the topic is becoming increasingly important. And that is good for the future of our planet
But what do these specialist garages exist for anyway?  To be allowed to work on electric cars, the employees of these garages need certain qualifications. Without these, mechanics are not allowed to perform even the smallest tasks, such as changing a tire. In addition, specialist workshops help people to decide, for example, on a wall box for charging their e-car at home. Professionals and experts help each of us to establish a greener lifestyle. To do this, you can easily find a company near you.

How can I order accessories for my electric scooter?

You want to order an extra battery or another charging cable for your unu? Is a helmet not enough for you, or are you still missing the right rain cover for your unu? Just have a look at our shop - where you can easily order accessories to your home. 
All information about the respective products and delivery times can also be found there. 

Where can I test ride unu and consult with experienced professionals?  

unu offers free test rides for scooters at numerous locations, you can find the free test ride in or near your city here. To make it even easier for you we have mentioned specialized and partner electric scooter garages in the city.
You can consult with professionals in the garage if you already own an e-scooter. If you want to buy an electric scooter and want to test ride unu in particular, you can have an unbiased opinion and some tips from our pioneers.